3 Simple Ways To Enhance A Floral Client’s Experience

By Ryan ONeil

We've said before that the key to getting a great florist review is creating a great floral client experience from start to finish. Today we're sharing three simple things you can do to enhance a floral client's experience.

Be Courteous

This is so simple! Florists are naturally very courteous, friendly, and giving people. But there are times when a Pinterest bride comes in with incredibly outlandish requests and it’s easy to get annoyed. It’s important that no matter what their needs and desires are, that you show them that you’re excited for their special day. Take some time to calm (and creatively) educate the client on what is and isn’t possible. Most wedding clients will take their florist's advice and seek alternatives in their choices. Ultimately, if they simply aren’t the right fit for you, be honest and let them know.

Create An Ambiance

Creating a beautiful atmosphere will help potential clients feel a sense of security in booking with you. Most of us buy with our eyes—consider how often you’ve gone to a restaurant and saw what the person at the next table was eating and decided to order that because it looked so good. The goal is to help your clients feel comfortable and establish your experiential branding as a wedding florist. 
We’ve talked about Twisted Willow’s move to a new space before and even shared our House Hunters video with you. As we finished creating the space, what was most important to us was having and area where Rachael and her team could meet with clients and help them see her style and fall in love with it from the moment they walk in the shop.
By intentionally creating a space for wedding consultations that reflected Rachael’s style and the type of clients she wants to book, we’ve not only been able to create a better client experience, but we created such a “wow” moment when they come into the studio that they want to book before ever really seeing a proposal.

Have A Proposal Ready In 24 Hours

When we first started Twisted Willow, we lost so many clients because they were shopping around and other florists got them proposals much quicker than we could. Taking longer to get the proposals out not only allowed other florists to beat us to the punch, but it gave the signal that the client wasn't our top priority and the most important thing to making a client feel secure in a decision is showing them that you truly care about them. Whether you use a florist app like Curate or use a tool like our Excel Recipe Spreadsheet, you will have clients feeling very special when they can see a proposal quickly. Ultimately by getting your proposals out quicker, you'll be able to book more clients and help your bottom line. 
Curate is so easy to use that you can actually create proposals in the consultation, allowing your client to make a quick decision and even book on-the-spot. Click the button to chat with one of our consultants about your business.
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