Creating A Florist Welcome Packet

By Ryan ONeil

Your first impression during a consultation is a big deal.

Whether that first impression is happening in your studio or at a coffee shop, you want every potential client to clearly see what makes you shine brighter than your competitors. A beautifully designed client welcome packet helps make that possible.

At Twisted Willow, we knew that we needed a better way to present ourselves to clients. We have a studio now but when we were just meeting clients in coffee shops, we had to set the tone. So, we did some research to determine what the best course of action would be. Here is the end result:

Twisted Willow Florist Welcome Packet.jpg 

Determine a Budget

We started with a budget of $5 per packet. To set this budget, you need to ask yourself how much each client is worth. If your average client is $500, what you put together should reflect that. You can create something branded, cute, and cost-efficient. This might be as simple as a creative business card or pamphlet. If your goal client has a smaller budget, you NEED to have materials that seem like they cost-efficient because that's what they will see. If your average client is $5,000 (or you want that to be your average client), then you need to invest a little more. When all was said and done, we ended up about $9 for each of the welcome packets. More than we were wanting to spend but it has definitely established our brand with our clients.

Determine your goals

Once you have your budget determined, you need to determine your goals. Here are the goals that we needed accomplished and, for the most part, that you'll want to make sure your welcome packet addresses:

  1. Beautiful Presentation (Packaging and Cover page)
  2. Creative ways to highlight our work while building brand credibility
  3. Introducing who we are (as a company and as people) and educating the client (The process, the other vendors list, the contract)

Over the next few blog posts, we will be discussing the various design aspects that we include in our welcome packet. We have found them to be incredibly effective in giving the best first impression possible to our clients.


What's an even better way to make a great first impression AND book more brides on the spot? Use Curate in a consultation to easily show potential clients what their arrangements will look like as well as how much it will cost and then send them the proposal electronically or print it out for them to take home as part of their florist welcome packet!

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