Free Floral Recipe Spreadsheet Calculator

Recipe excel sheet LP Image (800 × 1000 px)

FIll out the form below to recive our free floral recipe excel spreadsheet to calculate your wholesaler order and price your recipes. Now available as google sheets or xlsx format.

Before Curate was even an idea, Ryan and his wife Rachel owned a flower shop and dealt with the headaches involved with making sure they were creating the perfect arrangements, while maintaining their costs and stem counts. Sound familiar?

From those continual headaches they created an advanced Excel Recipe Spreadsheet that saved them a ton of time and helped alleviate some of that pain. Excel definitely was NOT made for florists...but it was a good stopgap until they were able to develop the Curate, which automated their entire business.

After creating Curate, they knew not every event professional was in a place where they need the super powers of Curate, so they decided to share their Excel Recipe Spreadsheet with hopes that it would help other florists until they needed a more robust tool that would automate their entire business.

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