Renovating A New Shop!

By Rachael O'Neil

We use a lot of out-of-the-box ideas to grow our St. Louis wedding florals company, Twisted Willow, for several years. From optimizing our website to finding creative places to hire talented floral designers. So, we devised a profitable strategy to buy and renovate a shop by having a work/live. Guess what? House Hunters decided to film our process of searching for a floral shop + house. We wanted to share with you!


We're just about finished up with our house portion and getting kicking on our floral shop now. We're going to write a blog post to help other florists who are looking to make a move to a new building as well. We'd love your input for the blog! Anything and everything from your consultation room set up to your super-cool ribbon dispenser. Just make your comments below in the comments tab!

What suggestions would you give to a floral business moving to a new shop?



What is It’s a florist proposal creator that helps reduce administrative time. It automates your proposal, pricing, recipes sheet, order forms, and more. Our shop in St. Louis used it on administrative tasks and it has super-charged our ability to kick out weddings and events. If only we could teach it to paint...

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