Introducing Inspiration Theme

Sneak Peek of Our Newest Theme

By Ryan O'Neil

We're giving you an exclusive look into our latest theme and it's going to be one of our best yet!

(If you like this, you'll love what's coming in 2022 but you'll have to wait for that one 🤫)


This newest theme is available on our Established and Unlimited packages.  

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🎉Allow us to introduce our latest theme:


You told us you wanted to wow your clients even more by including more visual inspiration in your proposals.  This keeps you on the same page and builds trust with your clients.  Keep scrolling to see how we are enabling you to do this with our new Inspiration theme.

It will include not 1 but 2 mood boards (1 structured mood board with color palette, 1 inspiration board with unlimited photos) to better communicate your vision to your clients.

📖Structured mood board with photos, captions, and color palette so you can create a visual story


📸Inspiration board with unlimited photos to provide endless inspiration


🎨Color Palette to highlight the theme for their event

💐Up to 20 photos on each line item to showcase all the details and the value of your work

🖌️And as with all our themes, you can customize the background colors and fonts to make your proposals as bespoke as your work

Untitled design (2)

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