New Features in October

By Ryan ONeil

Startup Plan Updates

Event Gameplan
You can now create custom gameplans for all of your events. This can include internal tasks--such as when flower processing needs to be done, who is in charge of which arrangements, and when to deliver items--and tasks for the client--such as when final changes can be made. You can select which tasks can be viewed by the client so you can keep it all in one place and streamline your internal processes.
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View Full Size Photos
Gone are the days of having to download photos from your proposal to see them in full size. You and your clients can now click the icons of photos in your proposal to bring them to full size. 

Studio Plan Updates

Forms Update
You can now add notes to your form submissions and add tags to them too. This is perfect for keeping track of potential clients who've filled out an interest form but haven't committed to a consultation yet. You can also do a mass archive/unarchive of forms by hovering over the left hand side of each line to select which events you would like to select.

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