Curate Feature Release December '17

By Ryan ONeil

Curate is designed to help you run your studio with ease!

We've had so many florists who have loved our Startup plan level of Curate, which has helped them run their events with ease. Everything from creating custom, beautiful proposals in a jiffy, stem counting insanely quick from customized libraries, creating an easy-peasy shopping lists for their wholesalers, and having their team executive perfectly with recipe sheets. 

Many of florists simply need more. They're having to pay for other tools to help manage everything going on in your studio. We've heard the cry and have solved the issues with Curate, which is perfect for those who love the Startup plan but would like more tools to run their studio with!


Long gone are the days of copying and pasting information from Google Forms. You can now have potential clients fill out a form and have it automatically imported into Curate waiting for you to create a new event! When a client fills out a form, you will get a notification that the form has been filled out so you can get started on creating your proposal.
You can also add notes to your form submissions and add tags to them. This is perfect for keeping track of potential clients who've filled out an interest form but haven't committed to a consultation yet. You can also do a mass archive/unarchive of forms by hovering over the left hand side of each line to select which events you would like to select.
Curate forms is HUGE because it completes the entire customer lifecycle. From the time the customer first fills out until you're mark on the checklist that you've picked up everything from the event, it's ALL in Curate. The inquiry, the proposal, the signed contract, the payments. Every stem, vase, and fee. This feature is what Curate is all about!


We've created the ability for you to add tokens to your contracts and templates. These are pieces of information like {first name}. Then, when you send a contract or email template that includes these tokens, the system will replace the token with the first name of the client, easily allowing you to have a bit more personal touch when sending your proposals.

Email Templates

“[Name], Here is your proposal. You can reply to this email with any questions that we can answer for you. -[Company Name]”
Many of our florists spend a bit of time editing this default text when sending a proposal to a client to a more personal message but now you can now save template messages to send to your clients with their proposal link. This means that the email can sound more like you without having to spend an extra five minutes drafting the email body. Go to your profile to see the Templates tab!
Not a Studio user? You can still update the standard message for your email, but won't have the option to add aditional templates.

Event Breakdown

This report will allow you to see exactly what items in an event were taxable and which weren't, the costs of each item type (ie flowers, hardgoods, and rentals), a list of all items, their cost, and their profit, and the overall profit of an event. 

Branding Integration

Your brand is super important to your studio. With this upgrade, you're able to customize the colors from Curate blue to whatever your brand is! The "Curate blue" link text in the proposal, the "view proposal" button sent in your emails, all of the above! 

White Labeling

You can customize your customer experience with your branding but now you can also customize your entire work experience through white labeling! Your logo will appear on the top left hand corner, all of the colors in the application will adjust to match your branding. Not sure what the hex code for your brand is? Simply use our logo color selector tool to choose it!

Google Calendar Integration

You're able to connect up your Curate account to your company account to manage everything happening in your studio. Any time that you move an event to booked, it will be added to your calendar. You're able to easily select for payment reminders to be sent to your calendar as well.

Quickbooks Online Integration

Syncing your events to Quickbooks is easier than ever. You get to spend more time designing and less time fretting over your chart of accounts and your accountant will be happier than a trip to a tax loophole seminar.

Tax Report

Have you ever been left spending hours trying to figure out how much taxes you'll need to pay? Not anymore! With this new Tax Report feature, you'll know exactly how much you owe based on your proposals and payments received. 

Payments Report

You can now access all the payments that your company should have coming in. From one place, you can now see everything that should be happening with your weddings and events payment. This is one of the most requested features we've had!

Event tagging

Want more pipeline options? They're yours. Want to indicate which of your sales team is in charge of an event? Just add their names as tags. Want to be able to separate between corporate, weddings, and social events? Tags, tags, tags! This will make running your studio so much easier!

Gameplan Tab

This was the first COGS Established feature we released. You're able to easily combine shopping lists from multiple events and place orders with wholesalers with a click of a button!

Customer Source

You can now begin to keep up with where each of your customers came from! This will be extremely helpful to know if your marketing dollars are paying off. Simply type in the customer source when you are creating the new client! 
Check out this walk-through of all these features: 
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