Creating A Florist Welcome Packet: The Packaging, First Look, and Awards

By Ryan ONeil

In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of making a positive first impression in a consultation and how a beautifully designed welcome packet can help do just that. Now that you've determined your budget and the goals you want to accomplish through your welcome packet, let's talk about the nitty gritty design aspects of the welcome packet.

It all starts with the packaging.

Are you using manila folders to give potential clients your information? Twin pocket portfolios? Report folders with a clear cover? Neon-colored plastic folders?

Those will work--well, you might actually want to rethink the neon-colored plastic folders--so long as your personal branding makes them look more profession. But you want to make absolutely sure that they are making the best first impression with your clients in the level of the market they're from.

For our packaging, we decided to use a type of belly band package folder that closely represents the secondary color of the Twisted Willow logo, with a versatile, single-color version of our florist logo on the outer fold. This folder type looks like a package when it's all folded up, so nothing will ever fall out on the bride.

When it's opened up...well, we'll get to what's actually inside in the next few blog posts... but the key thing about this folder design is that the side pockets don't only help keep the "package" feel, but they work great for adding items that aren't your standard size. One idea we really liked was including items in our florist welcome packet that varied in dimensions to help keep a potential client intrigued while also keeping them from feeling overwhelmed by the bulk of materials you're really handing them.

Though they may say never to judge a book by it's cover, the truth is that potential clients do just that. Your packaging needs to reflect the high quality of work you provide. Admittedly, having custom folders made is a significant investment up front, but it's a florist marketing item that will transform a potential client's first impression of you and can ultimately affect whether or not they choose you or the florist down the street for their special day.

Twisted Willow Florist Welcome Packet.jpg

What happens when they open up the package?

We wanted to make sure that the first thing the client saw when they opened it was our work. So, as soon as a client opens our welcome packet, they see a gorgeous cover print of Rachael's work. It's a strong reminder of why they want to consider working with Twisted Willow in the first place. The truth is that every florist has a unique style that they bring to an event that is worth far more than the final cost on the proposal. By including this first look card, a potential client can see what they can expect from you.

 Twisted Willow First Look Card.jpg

Behind the first look, let your client see that your work is really special by sharing where you've been featured (ie magazines and listing sites). This increases your value in the mind of a potential client while building a sense of trust in you and your work. We also include a pamphlet that highlights some of our work and offers reviews from previous clients in the side pocket of our folder to show potential clients that we really do have the experience to help make their wedding dreams a reality. 



Between the overall packaging, the first look, and your reviews, potential clients are sure to love you already but your welcome packet doesn't stop there. Keep an eye out for our next blog post, which will highlight how to introducing a potential client to who you are (as a company and a person), educate the client (the process, the other vendors list, the contract), and build your brand credibility.


What's an even better way to make a great first impression AND book more brides on the spot? Use Curate in a consultation to easily show potential clients what their arrangements will look like as well as how much it will cost and then send them the proposal electronically or print it out for them to take home as part of their florist welcome packet!

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