Ever wonder why we talk about marketing so much on our blog, The Business of Events? It's not only because solid event marketing is the key to having a successful business, but because Curate's parent company was a branding and marketing firm that focused on helping small businesses establish their identities and get their name into their communities. Nowadays, we focus our efforts on helping event florists establish and build their businesses. 

One thing we've found over the years--both from our marketing consulting days and our experience in the events industry--is that not all marketing efforts are created equal. Creating a good logo is a nice start but, in itself, it will not do anything to bring you new customers. Similarly, attending wedding shows is a great way to make contacts, but if you don't know the right thing to say as a potential customer approaches your booth, you may as well have stayed home. 

We wanted to make it easy for you to access all of our articles on florist marketing.  Maybe as a collection of posts and ideas all in one place, it will help more event professionals put their marketing efforts into high gear!

These originated as links to event florists, but all event professionals can benefit. 

One of the best ways we've found to book more clients at our shop in St. Louis is providing them with an experience that compares with no other from the initial connection, through the consultation phase, and until the last rental is returned. Our special trick? We use Curate to create quick, accurate, and beautiful proposals on-the-spot. Because we work so quickly, our clients can book much faster (and at higher rates)!