Florist Wholesaler Order Feature Upgrades and More!

By Ryan ONeil


Feature Upgrade: Orders Breakdown

Our order tab is hands-down the biggest feature that florists shout from the rooftops. You're able to create a shopping list for multiple events with a few clicks. Or, as one veteran florist said it, "You just did 4.5 hours of work in 2.5 minutes!"

Now, that feature is getting even better! With a click of a button, you can now see exactly which events all the flowers in the order are coming from. It gives a convenient, easy to read breakdown so you know exactly where you could cut or add if needed!


Event Breakdown

New Feature: Refresh Your Order

It happened again. Eighteen and a half days before your clients wedding, she woke up in a sweat with the realization that all of her pink peonies needed to be coral. You've already spent an entire 2.5 minutes putting together a wholesaler shopping list (Thanks Curate...) and now she wants to change it two weeks from the wedding.

We're excited to announce that ability to refresh your order! Simply make the adjustments in her proposals from pink to coral, then in your order for that weekend, just click the "refresh" button. You'll see exactly how your shopping list will change and you can decide whether you want to move forward or not. That easy!


Feature Upgrade: Upload up to 8 photos

We used to be the INDUSTRY BEST for the number of photos that you could have attached to each item. The most any other software does is 1 and we had 4. But that wasn't good enough for us! So we went back to our darkroom and started processing an image of what we'd like to see. Then a lightbulb came on.

We've figured out a way to add up to 8 photos on each proposal so you can add nearly your entire flower palette for your bouquet or even up to small fraction of the photos that she has on her Pinterest board! (You can even drag and drop flowers from Pinterest!)


New Feature: Archived Event Pipeline

The event pipeline is a huge time saver for florists who are trying to keep up with where all their future clients are at in the booking process. Now we've introduced a way for you to keep up with where all your previous clients are as well! After you archive an event by clicking the folder icon, you can go to you archived events and see exactly where all of your previous clients were. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 8.01.08 AM

Feature Upgrade: New Vendor Options

We've added several additional options for your vendor tab. Now, in your vendor library and on your proposals you can add photographers, caterers, and bakers, in addition to venues and consultants!

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