Supercharge Your Business with All-in-One Event Management Software

By Jason McIntosh

Event management can be a real handful. From those tiny details to those big-picture plans, it sometimes feels like you need a magic wand to make it all come together. But what if I told you a magic wand does exist? It’s called all-in-one event management software. Over 90% of event producers already know the secret - this type of software helps achieve business objectives.

These software solutions have revolutionized how professionals plan and execute events, offering a centralized hub to streamline operations and increase productivity. Whether you’re planning a small workshop, a grand conference, a virtual summit, or even managing an entire venue, all-in-one event management software is a total game-changer.

Don't worry, we get it. Let's break down all-in-one event management software, explore its benefits, and even check out some popular options available. By the end, you'll be well-equipped to choose a platform that simplifies your events and frees you to focus on crafting unforgettable experiences for attendees.

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What is an All-in-One Event Management Software?

This software acts as your event command center, consolidating every aspect of your event planning process into one convenient platform. This includes registration, marketing, proposal creation, and even onsite management.

Instead of juggling separate tools and spreadsheets, all-in-one event management software streamlines everything, saving you valuable time, money, and countless headaches. In the world of event planning, saving time is essential.

The Best Event Management Software Platforms

The popularity and success of any tool lie in the unique value they offer and the pain points they alleviate for users. This blog post puts together a list of some industry-leading players in the world of all-in-one event management software:


Curate is a simplified CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that is specifically equipped with features needed to automate and streamline your event and venue operations. It features essential venue management tools that include a centralized client database, a custom proposal builder with e-signature capabilities, project management tools, reporting & analytics, among others.

Unlike any software, Curate is a platform that is specifically designed for event venue operators. It is a very easy-to-use CRM that provides all the tools you need in the event venue industry and more importantly, makes your business a lot easier to manage.

Another item that makes Curate unique is that event professionals who have rentals and design arms of their business can also take advantage of features to make these areas efficient as well.

Curate is the only tool that has integrations for both Nowsta and Galley.

Top Features

  • Pipeline management
  • Customized proposals
  • Event Calendar
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integrations with common software tools





If you are looking for an event management platform that lets you create and customize an event app that is accessible via a mobile device then Whova has the right tools for the job. With features like attendee management and hybrid events, it is perfect for handling large-scale events like conferences and trade shows.

Whova also has an event website builder that lets users create web pages without coding. This powerful software lets you handle virtual conferences and in-person events with the greatest of ease.

Top Features

  • Attendee management
  • Mobile event app customization
  • Event website builder
  • Hybrid event features




One thing that you surely notice with Stova is that it features a clean and user-friendly interface. But it doesn't stop there. Stova is an event management software built with a comprehensive suite of tools that includes: event registration tools, marketing tools, and networking engagement features.

Stova can also handle any event type whether virtual, hybrid, or pre-recorded. This event management platform guarantees successful events and ease of use for its users.

Top Features

  • Event registration page creator
  • Email marketing
  • Networking Engagement
  • Registration Forms





Tripleseat is another example of an all-in-one event management platform perfect for event managers, restaurants, venue operators, and more! With Tripleseat's CRM features, you can capture leads, track client communication, and manage contracts. The software also includes tools for event reporting and analytics so that you can gain valuable insights into your business.

Top Features

  • Lead capture system
  • Calendar management
  • Custom branding
  • Reporting





Eventtia is an all-in-one event management software that is just simply perfect for any type of gathering whether virtually or in person. Its event registration platform gives users access to a multitude of tools that include website integration, customization via API, multiple event registration options, and more!

This software also has an event mobile app that grants attendees access to all your events while on the go. If that isn't enough to convince you, Eventtia's client lists include Coca-Cola, Nestle, and FedEx.

Top Features

  • Event registration platform
  • Event marketing
  • Online registration & payments
  • Event calendar





Caterease is a comprehensive software solution that is not just suited for caterers but also for event planners. This is an all-in-one event software solution that offers a plethora of necessary tools including a booking management system for upcoming events, a flexible reporting system, and integrated payment.

Caterease also provides a robust events calendar that gives you greater control over your future events or catering operations.

Top Features

  • Booking management
  • Payment processing
  • Event calendar
  • Flexible reporting



Accelevents, Inc


Accelevents is another event management system that large companies depend on for their event management needs. Clients such as Xerox, Amazon, and Zapier all rely on Accelevents' suite of powerful tools that include robust registration tools, an event mobile app, app integration, and an event website builder. Managing an event has never been easier with Accelevents.

Top Features

  • Registration tools
  • Event mobile app
  • Event website builder
  • Data & analysis





EventsAir is an event management platform that can handle any type of event whether in person, virtually, or even hybrid. This software has everything you need from capturing leads to event planning and execution. Another important feature is the Organizer app lets you manage events everywhere; communicate and delegate tasks to team members, push notifications to attendees, check reports, and more!

All in all, EventsAir's advanced features will ensure successful events for your clients and a great attendee experience for the attendees.

Top Features

  • Event planning
  • Lead management
  • Organizer app
  • Reporting and analytics





Cvent puts the "event" in the event management software. This all-in-one event management platform is the Cadillac of software solutions and for a good number of reasons. Cvent boasts a client list of top companies worldwide including Walmart and the Japanese IT tech company, NEC.

Of course, it has a great number of powerful features that guarantee an event experience like no other, including robust registration and marketing tools, venue sourcing and design, a mobile event app, and more! Needless, to say this multi-awarded event software is a must-have for event pros who need a powerful software solution.

Top Features

  • Event planner
  • Venue sourcing
  • Event marketing
  • Mobile event app





If you absolutely need to gather people in one place for literally anything, Eventbrite is the right tool for the job. Got an event, no problem. Eventbrite can help you create an event from scratch and help you market it using its wide array of marketing tools. This software will help you sell tickets to your target audience through ads, social media, and their very own Smart Audiences.

So whether you need to organize an event for a corporate client or a rock band, Eventbrite will ensure that people will be there.

Top Features

  • Ticketing and registration
  • Event discovery platform
  • Marketing tools
  • Community Building



Key Features to Look for

Ok, so we agree, that all-in-one platforms are the way to go, but with so many options, how do you know what to actually look for? It's like picking out the perfect caterer - you've got to consider your needs, your budget, and yes, maybe even those little personal touches that set one apart. Let's break down the most important factors:

Custom Proposal and Contract Builder

Creating a knockout proposal is essential to an event planner, as it allows you to showcase your services, pricing, and other pertinent information. It helps your customers make an informed decision and makes you stand out as a professional who is one step ahead of everything.

A contract, on the other hand, is what seals the deal and legally binds you and your client together. It lists all the services and products you will provide which your client agrees to purchase.

A good event management platform should have the tools to create a custom proposal and contract. Additionally, you should look for software that can accept payments from the proposal itself. This ensures that you have the funds to provide the services.

Effortless Event Marketing

Creating buzz and filling those seats (or virtual booths, we don't discriminate) is essential. Consider platforms with integrated marketing features, including:

  • Email marketing tools: Keep your audience in the loop with targeted campaigns, event reminders, and enticing promotions.
  • Social media integrations: Effortlessly promote your event across all the usual suspects (Facebook, Instagram, the Twitterverse). Ideally, the platform should let you schedule posts in advance - saving you time and keeping your content calendar brimming with excitement.
  • Website and landing page builders: Creating a dedicated home for your event builds anticipation and makes it super easy for attendees to find information. This will also give attendees a central location to find the registration forms.

Onsite Event Management Tools

The big day has arrived. Onsite tools can help ensure smooth sailing. Things like:

  • Check-in apps and badge printing. Say goodbye to long lines and lost name tags. Streamlining your registration desk (whether it’s for a hundred attendees or a thousand.) creates a much smoother and professional experience for your attendees. Onsite solutions that are part of all-in-one platforms often allow you to instantly print customized badges on demand - impress attendees with your event tech prowess.
  • Interactive floor plans. Let’s face it, nobody likes feeling lost. Interactive floor plans make navigating larger events much less daunting. Plus, this gives you more opportunity to show off sponsors or vendors strategically.
  • Live Q&A and polling: Keeping attendees engaged and encourage active participation during your events.

Don't Underestimate The Importance of Customer Support

Look, even with the most user-friendly software, having reliable customer support available (ideally by phone, email, or even live chat) is essential, especially when you're up against tight deadlines and the pressure is on. You want a platform that not only has the features you need but with customer service, you can depend on.

Why You Should Be Using All-in-one Event Management Software

Imagine having a single dashboard to handle attendee registrations, track ticket sales, design floor plans, manage email communication, and engage attendees on social media - and that's not even all. That’s the power of all-in-one event management software.

Improved Organization

No more lost sticky notes or frantic email searches. These platforms give you one central hub to manage attendee lists, track registrations, schedule appointments, and keep all your vendor information tidy.

No matter what type of event you're running, having all your event details in one location makes a huge difference.

Time Management Like a Pro

Time is precious. This software automates repetitive tasks like sending email confirmations and processing payments, freeing you to focus on bigger-picture items - you know, the creative stuff that makes your events amazing. These tools will help you manage events without pulling your hair out.

Data-Driven Decisions

Want to see which marketing campaigns drive the most ticket sales or understand attendee engagement levels? All-in-one event management software gives you powerful reporting tools.

You get actionable insights to fine-tune your strategy for even better future events. This will also help you understand how to sell tickets more efficiently.

Streamlining Your Workflow: From Chaos to Calm

An all-in-one event management software is all about making things easier. Forget those spreadsheets and endless email chains. Instead of using separate tools that don't talk to each other, imagine one cohesive system that keeps everything organized and in sync.

Supercharged Productivity: Getting More Done In Less Time

All-in-one event management platforms that can cater to a specific audience are incredible time savers. Think about it: automating tasks such as sending registration confirmations, collecting payments, and tracking RSVPs frees you to tackle those big-picture tasks like refining event content and boosting attendee engagement.

Boosted Attendee Engagement: Creating Memorable Experiences

Engaging attendees before, during, and after an event can make a difference. Software solutions are amazing because many offer interactive features. Think about creating a custom event app to provide schedules, maps, updates, polls, Q&A forums, networking opportunities, or even fun gamification features.

Your attendees will feel informed and more involved. Some of the best event apps have features for live polling, networking, and even gamification.

Maximized ROI: Because Events Should Be Worth It

All-in-one event management software gives you tools to measure your return on investment (ROI). You’ll want to analyze attendee data, track registrations, monitor website traffic, and gauge social media engagement.

Imagine those detailed reports you get. It’s not just about numbers. This data-driven approach is essential for proving event success. That’s how you demonstrate the value of your events and secure future budgets. When choosing your software, it's crucial that its business tools can work with accounting platforms. This way you aren’t stuck double-entering information.

Making The Right Choice for You

Ultimately, the best all-in-one event management software boils down to your specific needs. Think about the type of events you host, your budget, the size of your team, and your must-have features. Remember, selecting a system should feel like hiring a teammate - one that not only lightens the load but elevates your entire process. So, before you dive into free trials or demos, take a moment to truly pinpoint what will make your life as an event organizer easier. Do you primarily work with large corporations or smaller community events?

If you frequently find yourself booking venues and accommodations, a platform that offers seamless integration with those services might be a game-changer. If social media marketing feels like herding cats (we've all been there), prioritize those scheduling tools. Or perhaps you work with non-profit organizations – then transparent pricing and budget tracking features will be invaluable.

Choosing the right all-in-one event management software doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience. Remember, this technology should work for you, simplifying your life and giving you more time to focus on creating those wow-worthy moments that make events memorable.


Remember: selecting the perfect all-in-one event management software is personal. What works for someone else may not work for you. Embrace the journey. Remember why we use event software: because bringing people together and creating experiences should feel effortless. Finding that perfect all-in-one event management solution can make your job a lot easier and way more fun.

Event planning doesn't have to be a chaotic scramble to the finish line. With the right all-in-one event management software on your side, you can bring your A-game to every event, creating remarkable experiences for your attendees and making your job a whole lot smoother.

Embracing the power of all-in-one event management software is a surefire way to elevate your entire event planning process. So, ditch the spreadsheets, streamline your processes, and unlock the true potential of your events.

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