Moving To A New Event Professional Software is As Easy As 1-2-3

By Ryan ONeil
Our team talks to hundreds of event professionals each week and the number one question we hear is "What does switching to Curate actually look like?" Many have tried other software only to find that getting started was an uphill battle. One caterer told us a horror story of her attempts to have her old software company upload her item library; after over a year of reaching out, she still wasn't able to use their recipe functionality because her library never got uploaded. 
We understand that past experiences can leave folks wondering what they can expect from a new software they're looking at. So we're breaking down our onboarding process for you to see how easy it is to get started with Curate.
1. Schedule A Consultation To Find The Right Fit For Your Company
When you start your experience as a Curator, our consultants are able to listen to your company's needs and recommend a product package that works best for your business. Unlike the boat salesperson who wants to sell you a yacht when you only need a kayak, we believe that you should be using products that are right-sized for your business.
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2. Show Up For Your On-boarding Sessions
Whether you sign up in a consultation or directly from our sign up page, scheduling your initial on-boarding session is a crucial part of ensuring your continued success with the software. During this session, we'll help you set up an event template that includes all of your standard settings (including your markups, tax rates, cover image, and basic line items, and your payment schedule and contract if you're a Proposals user), walk you through the recipe creation and ordering process (for COGS users), and get the information needed to build out your first form (if you're a Proposals user). If you have multiple people learning how to use the software, they can all be on the call for optimal implementation
To help maximize your use of the software, we'll even take on the leg work of uploading your full library of flowers, ingredients, hardgoods, and rentals for free if you sign up for an annual plan or for a small service fee if you sign up for a monthly plan. Alternatively, you can choose to use either our floral or catering starter libraries to build out your own item library as you go along.
3.  Reach Out For Help When Needed
Our live chat support is consistently rated 5 stars and is truly the top in the industry. Whether you're a brand new Curator who wants to know how to start creating your first proposal or a pro who's wondering about one of our newest features, our Curator Success team is happy to help answer all of your questions. While we do sleep occasionally, we aim for a 2 minute initial response time to chats during normal business hours and also have a team member periodically checking in on any chat requests in the evenings and on weekends. No more waiting for a year to hear back on the progress of your item uploads!
If, after a while, you'd like an audit of sorts to make sure that you're using Curate to the maximum capacity, we also offer a premier level of training to identify areas where the software can be better implemented. For example, we just recently spoke with a long time user who wasn't using the recipe functionality fully (because she just knew how much to order for her events after so many years). After taking a look at her account, she realized that she was undercharging for her floral arrangements and that using recipes to project a cost would save her a lot more money than she expected. Now that she's using the recipe tool, she's able to ensure the profit margin she desires and ordering is a snap!

Ready to make the switch and become a Curator? Reach out to us to schedule your consultation now.
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