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Manage your online and in-store orders

  • Easily set up your store. Start selling faster as the Curate team helps you get started.
  • Sell on Instagram. Tag your posts with your products and seamlessly transact your customers directly through social.
  • Price for a profit. Ensure standard margins on each item in your shop with perfect-to-the-penny recipes.
  • Everything in one place. Your online and in-store orders can be found alongside proposals for special events.

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Curate will help you save over 75% of wasted administrative time
"We used to have to carry around all our folders for every single event and had to keep up with every small change by hand.
Now, it's all in one place and a revision can happen with just a click."

Rachel Bridgwood
Sweet Root Village // Simply Sweet Root

“In planning for 2 stores' holidays, events, or even everyday designs, I used to make a spreadsheet with the menus that took more than a day.
With Curate, I take just a couple of hours once I load my menus. Curate has been a great investment for our business.
We are now 76 years old and still finding ways to be more efficient with softwares like this.”
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Kenneth Denaburg
York Flowers

“I LOVED how easy it was to get set up with Curate Orders. I was already using the system for my events but having everything in one place is just amazing!”
Marla Bixler, Bixler Blooms

Marla Bixler
Bixler Blooms


More efficient.
More profitable.
More free time.

Curate Orders
Easy customer checkout

Minimize the number of abandoned carts on your website with a one-step customer checkout.

All your work in one place
All your work in one place

Managing your daily workflow is easier with online and in-store orders in the same place as your event proposals.

Maximize your profits

In a contactless world, having a way for customers to check out online means more opportunities for sales and more money in your pocket.

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Execute events effortlessly

Our products curate the entire process so you can increase bookings, control costs, monitor your inventory, and have complete visibility throughout your company--from weddings and events to daily orders.
Curate Proposals

Create digital forms that turn into beautiful proposals.

Curate COGS

Combine lists for more efficient counts and less waste.

Curate Rentals

Avoid overbooking by tracking your inventory.

Curate Orders

Manage your online and in-store orders.


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