7 Ways to Help Your Local Florist (share this with your clients and friends)

By Ryan O'Neil
In this time of crisis, there's an increased desire to support small businesses. Here's an article that you can copy and paste to your own blog (with a link to referencing this post, please) or send to your email list to encourage those you know to support what you're doing during this time.
We've also put together free shareable for these that you can download and share on your social media accounts.
7 ways to help local florist
Wondering how you can help your local florist during the COVID crisis?
  1. Leave a review. Positive reviews help florists gain the trust of potential clients, which means you're helping increase their revenue with just a few minutes of writing. Plus, reading them encourages the florist to continue doing what they love and excel at, even when times are tough.
  2. Schedule your event. If you have an event or wedding that you were waiting on scheduling, do it now virtually! Reach out and say you’d like to get the date saved. You’ll pay some type of deposit and that makes a big difference for them, even if it's only a month early.
  3. Order for delivery. Even if your local florist may not usually deliver flowers, they may be open to doing so now. Order an arrangement to bring new life to your dining room.
  4. Send flowers to people who are shut in. Flowers brighten everyone's day. If you know someone who is shut in, send them flowers to let them know that you're thinking of them and offer a note of encouragement through this time.
  5. Send flowers to other small businesses. Other small businesses may avoid investing in decor. What better way to help spread some cheer to those businesses while supporting your local florist than to send an arrangement to them?
  6. Host a floral party. If your state is still allowing groups of 10, have a floral party where you purchase the raw flowers from a local florist. For strict social distancing, you can even host this virtually.
  7. Get social. Word of mouth is still one of the best marketing technique for small businesses. While you may be socially distant at the moment, share a post on your favorite social media platform about why you love your local florist and encourage others to support them during this time and beyond.



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