Two Popular Methods for Selling Micro-Weddings

By Ryan O'Neil

As COVID-19 brings about the second wave of wedding cancellations and postponements, there's an increasing number of clients looking to make the most of the growing micro-wedding trend.

Re-evaluating how you approach micro-weddings is important to ensuring that your business comes out strong on the other end of this crisis. Here are two popular methods we've seen for selling and executing micro-weddings.

Full-Service Micro-Weddings

Full-service micro-weddings are the perfect option to present clients who want to stick to a single day to celebrate their nuptials. It offers them the opportunity to have the wedding of their dreams that they may not have been able to have with a larger guest list.

As Bron Hansboro recently reminded us on instagram, it's important to "Create magical vignettes for your unexpected “micro wedding." It’s about the experience, not the guest count!"


Flowers: Bron Hansboro // Photo: Samia Minnicks

Executing a full-service micro wedding is very similar to what event professionals are used to. You do a full consultation to capture the client's vision, rework the vision as necessary, and then execute it with whatever size team is necessary.

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The difference? You can be a lot more creative with how you're approaching the wedding because the same budget can go a bit further. For florists, this may mean creating a series of installations to elevate the experience of the wedding. For caterers, this may mean introducing a premium cut of meat, extending the number of courses served, or introducing multiple desserts.

It is important to keep your prices in mind for a full-service micro-wedding. Consider what your adjusted overhead is given that you may have to be a bit more flexible should legal requirements change in your area. For example, if the micro-wedding is planned for an indoor venue with fifty people but the guidelines say no more than twenty-five people indoors, switching to an outdoor space may mean unexpected headaches and extra time that's put into executing the the event. If that additional overhead will cut into your profit margins, be sure to adjust your pricing and labor markups accordingly.

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Pre-Packaged Micro-Weddings

The pre-packaged micro-wedding option is great for clients who plan to have a sequel wedding in a post-COVID world. It offers just the right amount of elegance for an intimate affair while alluding to the more grandiose event to come.

Typically, we've seen event professionals create up to three packages that the clients can choose from and do light customizations on (i.e. choose from limited color palette options or choose between a few side dishes). Once the client has chosen what they want and set up a delivery time, all that's left is to drop off their order. 

While we have heard of some event professionals who are processing orders for these pre-packaged micro-weddings over the phone or in their studio, many have shifted to an online store. This option allows them to minimize their overhead while creating an easy experience for their clients.

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The beauty of an online store is that you can set yourself up for social selling pretty easily. Prospective clients can choose their perfect package while browsing your Instagram or Facebook page. Here's a look at how easy the experience could be for your clients:


Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to approach micro-weddings with a full-service model, pre-packaged model, or somewhere in between (like our friends at Sweet Root Village), be sure you're making the decision that's best for your business both in the short and long terms. 

We'd love the opportunity to help you sell micro-weddings regardless of the method you choose! Schedule a demo for Curate Proposals or Curate Orders!




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