Why we're creating Curate Orders

By Ryan O'Neil

Curate was founded out of a realization that event professionals needed a way for all their different tools and processes to work.

For several years, we’ve heard from some of our users that they’d love to manage their daily orders in the same place they manage their events. However, we knew that we first needed to build more features that would help event professionals streamline their processes.

We’re incredibly proud of having built the most robust platform for event professionals and are excited for what is coming next — including the ability to let our customers customize their proposals more than ever.

However, when COVID-19 struck, we asked our users and about 15,000 other event professionals what they were experiencing and what we could do to support them during this difficult time.  Because events were one of the first things impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, our community of event professionals were hit especially hard.

We heard so many people share their hurting hearts—businesses of all sizes, from the brand-new solopreneur to those that had been in operation for more than seventy-five years, would be shutting their doors because they lacked the cash-flow to sustain them. Others were planning to wait out the situation, hoping that the deposits they had collected would sustain them until they could start booking clients again. Still, others, immediately pivoted to micro-events and daily orders to sustain them and their employees.

Aside from asking for educational resources to help them navigate the initial blow of the COVID crisis, respondents asked for a tool that would help them get cash in the door now and help their business stay afloat.

It became apparent that, right now, the industry we love so much is in desperate need of something more than a robust event management software.

So we pivoted in our business model to focus on creating something that could make a meaningful difference in supporting thousands of small business owners who were finding creative revenue sources outside of the event space.

The result of this is Curate Orders.

Unlike other POS (point-of-sale) or online ordering tools, like Square or Shopify, Curate Orders is built specifically for the needs of event professionals. It allows you to build out recipes to most accurately price your products and sync customer orders to your supplier orders for maximized profit.

Whether you’ve had a retail part of your event business for years or are just starting out as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we are creating Curate Orders to help you manage your daily online and in-store orders in an easy-to-use system. Our team is also here to help you set up your online shop so you can start taking client orders quickly.

Ready to learn more about how Curate Orders works? Schedule a time to chat with our team and see it in action!

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