4 Great Examples Of Wedding Florist Logos

By Ryan ONeil

What makes a great wedding florist logo?

Your logo communicates who you are as a company, helping you correctly market your brand. Everything from the font to the style of the emblem to the layout. You're establishing a brand that your clients can connect with, and more importantly for wedding florists, a brand that feels similar to the brands they already trust. It's so important that your clients have a consistent brand experience from your wedding florist website to your florist software for proposals.  Here are some incredible example of wedding florist logos we think deserve kudos.




eclectic sage wedding florist logo

Eclectic Sage

Eclectic Sage is owned by Heather Miller from North Carolina and her logo does a tremendous job at communicating her focus. Accompanied with the name, her logo promotes a creative feel about the company that appeals to a larger base of clients while still having a creative flare for higher-end clients that place value on the eclectic. Heather's logo also does a tremendous job at being a text-based logo at the same time as being complex enough that you'd need to do more than just download a font to recreate it. This is a simple and important rule because it emphasized the need for an accurately designed logo and avoids the trap of those connected with your brand accidentally hurting it by putting in the wrong font. Her adornments around the text of her logo add to the flowing and beautiful feel.


studio kate wedding florist logo


Studio Kate

Kate Minelian with Studio Kate has a tremendous emblem-based logo. The colors are sharp and resonate through her entire site, helping to give a consistent experience with her brand. The emblem is intricate and yet incredibly thought out. Many think a free-flowing, less structured feel makes the best florist logo. Kate went against the winds to create something that politely exclaims, "I'm a professional and a creative." The flowers help tie into what she does and the "K" in the center of the logo emphasizes who she is. It points back to the "Studio Kate" name, which is one additional way to emphasize her focus on personal service. The fonts in her logo are also complementary by using a sans-serif and serif together.



harriet charles florist logo

Harriet Charles

Harriet Charles has one of the most unique approaches to her branding that you'll see among any logo for florists. Many florists opt for the "finished" feel of flowers in a brand, but Harriet goes a direction more true to her style. She does a tremendous job of using a lowercase handwritten script font which gives a very personalized feel. She compliments that with a strong, serif, all upper caps company name. Above the text portion is a beautiful emblem of the roots and stem of the plant appealing to a very raw, straight-from-the-garden feel. Honestly, the root / plant portion of the logo is so good that it could be a part of her website design and a part of her logo without missing a beat.

naomi rose wedding florist logo

Naomi Rose

Water-color designs are great and very in. We'll be doing an entire post dedicated to great examples of these. Yet, one of the coolest that we have seen has been Naomi Rose from Australia. Her logo is water color, but it's extremely identifiable. One of the difficulties faced with watercolor logos is helping your clients retain your branding. Naomi knocks this out of the park with a simple flower/peony feel surrounded by a white circle that has gold-speckled edging. Her logo does a tremendous job of blending an array of colors into a cacophony brand communication AND recognition.


Do you know of a florist that has an incredible logo? Tell us below!




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