9 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Florists

By Ryan ONeil

My name is Ryan...and I'm married to a florist ("Hi Ryan..."). She's the love of my life and can pull off the most stunning designs week after week! They're almost as beautiful as she is!

One thing I've learned from being a florist's husband (other than how to stay balanced on a 15' ladder hanging a floral installation) is that florists still want to celebrate Valentine's Day! But it can make them hard to shop for when they're making what everyone else is getting.

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, here are 9 gifts your florist significant other will love. And if you order any of them with Amazon Prime, you can even get them delivered perfectly on Valentine's Day! (Hurry!!)

1) Flower Color Guide

One of the most unexpected things in my marriage was just how excited my wife was about getting a book about flowers. But it totally makes sense! Pages and pages of incredible floral photography that's perfect for wedding consultations. This book is perfect for every florist, regardless of how many years they've been in the industry. It is the first reference book to organize flower types by color, with an emphasis on seasonality and creative color schemes, making their floral life so much easier.

2) Google Home Mini

When they're hand-tying a bouquet, it's kind of hard to change your music or ask the weather. So what better than to have a device that can play all of your spouse's favorite music while they're designing their floral arrangements? It can even control the studio lights to make sure they have the best lighting for the work bench. Plus, it comes in a new red color, which is perfect for Valentine's Day!

 3) Ohana Shears

Want shear awesomeness? Get your spouse some Ohanas! They're super sharp and designed not to crush stems (or your darling's heart) while also super easy to clean and their ergonomic handle helps prevent hand fatigue. Prepare yourself for "How did you know??"

4) Color Me Floral

This book is from the amazing Kiana Underwood of Tulipina, an internationally renowned floral design studio that specializes in creating bespoke experiences for luxury weddings and events. In this book, Kiana shares her special techniques for creating dazzling single-color displays using inspired ingredients, dramatic textures and vibrant colors. It's a perfect gift for both the beginner and advanced designer.

 5) Ninja Coffee Bar 

Words cannot espresso how much the right studio coffee maker is for your florist spouse. Just imagine the smile on their face as they walk into the studio on the day of a huge event. They're rather stressed because the bride has called them five times wondering what time the florals will arrive but then they see the coffee bar and the stress melts away as they inhale their favorite brew.

6) Intrigue Apron

If you've ever watched your spouse at the design bench, you know that it's a bit of a messy business. These gorgeous aprons from Sarah Campbell at Intrigue Designs and Intrigue Teaches are great for helping your spouse stay clean (and fashionable) while also providing pockets that are perfect for handling their tools.

7) Florist Tool Belt 

While the Intrigue Apron is fantastic for designing at the bench, floral installations may need something a little sturdier that will keep those Ohana Shears from falling from the top of the 20' ladder. This farmer-florist tool belt from Floret is perfect for making sure your dearest has safe access to their tools, even at unimaginable heights.

ecardartwork-vday8) A Spa Day

Okay, sure this one sounds less floral/business specific but it's what your honeybunches needs desperately, especially after the madness of Valentine's Day is over. Just think of it. This single day is like the Black Friday of the floral world. People are going insane for flowers so your poor spouse is likely on their feet for a full sixteen hours making their day special. Treat them to a spa day and help them relax.

9) Flowers Cassidy_Alane_Photography-Styled_Shoot-The_Estate_at_New_Albany-Wedding_Photography-Ohio-15

Yes, your spouse likes flowers too! If you're unaware of their favorite flowers, strike up a casual conversation while in the shop. Then have someone else at their shop or a florist friend make the arrangement for them. Key here: make sure they like the designer! If there are no local designers they admire, you can go to any florist and ask to buy different flowers of the same color from the cooler wrapped in paper. Your spouse will love spending time putting together flowers for themself for a change and they'll get to pick whichever vase they wants. (Plus...you get more flowers this way. )


Ryan O'Neil is the founder of Curate, a software that helps your lovekins be less stressed on weddings and events. It also makes sure that YOU are the one buying extra flowers for around the house instead of having them left over each weekend. From one creative-florist lover to another, it might make sense to see if your significant other has a headaches on the admin side and if we can help.

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