To the Florist's Husband: Your Wife Likes Flowers Too

By Ryan ONeil

Husbands, imagine this: you start a blog about your favorite football team (or whatever sport you follow) that gets so popular your inbox starts piling up with emails about revenue from ads. Before long, you're able to quit your job and focus completely on football (it's your imagination, right?). You come home from "work" one day and your wife surprises you with tickets to the division-clenching game. Even though you work in football all day long, you'd still think she was absolutely awesome, wouldn't you?

You give that same feeling to your florist wife every time you bring her flowers. Really.

I know, I know...your guy-logic is acting up. Here are some explanations from someone in your shoes.

"She works with flowers every day. The last thing she would want is more flowers, right?" Not at all. She spends her life making flowers for special moments in other people's lives. You still wanted those tickets, didn't you? Give her a special moment of her own. Except on Valentine's day and Mother's day. A bubble bath and a foot massage beat flowers on these days. (Get the flowers too.)

"I don't know any of the flowers she likes." Sorry man, that one is on you. I'd suggested a random conversation with her at the shop one day.

"We can get them cheaper through her shop. Why would I pay the markup?" You can get flowers at a better rate from a florist if you buy them straight out of the cooler.

"Flowers aren't functional." Neither is a football game. You just enjoy it.

"She's an expert at flowers...I'd mess it up if I tried to pick something out." This can be tricky if you don't know much about flowers. Honestly, she would love the thought, even if the flowers are ugly. Here are two tips for guys worried about this: 1. Have someone else at her shop or a florist friend make the arrangement for her, or 2. Go to any florist and ask to buy different flowers of the same color from the cooler wrapped in paper. She'll love spending time putting together flowers for HER and she'll get to pick whichever vase she wants. 

To sum it all up, you love her right? Then show her in a way that you know she loves.


(P.s. Share this with a husband of a florist who'd appreciate the heads up.)


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