New Features in September

By Ryan ONeil

New Startup Features

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Updated Pricing Breakdown
We've updated how you see the pricing breakdown in the workroom view of a proposal to make the math a bit easier to understand. Want to see what it looks like now? Open a proposal an scroll down to your recipe and hover over the price to see how the final price has been calculated, including your mark ups and labor costs.
Personalized Tokens
We've created the ability for you to add tokens to your contracts and templates. These are pieces of information like {first name}. Then, when you send a contract or email template that includes these tokens, the system will replace the token with the first name of the client, easily allowing you to have a bit more personal touch when sending your proposals.
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Private Notes on Recipes
The notes you make on your arrangements are important. Now your designers have the ability to see those notes from the recipe sheet, allowing them to better understand where their work fits into the vision of the overall design.
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Proposal Timeline
Ever lose track of when you first created and sent a new version of a proposal? With this feature, you can now see when new versions were created and sent, allowing you to see the progress of a proposal with greater ease.
Flowers/Items Tab Update
We've combined our flowers and item tabs! No more going back and forth to enter all of your inventory, it's all in one "My Items" tab.
Delete Versions
Do you have a client that's caused you to do 25 versions of a proposal? Now you can delete old versions of your proposal to clear up your workspace with just a click. WARNING: If you delete an old version, you can NOT retrieve it, so be sure that you want to delete it before clicking that button.

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