[NEW Feature]: Mayesh Floral Library

By Ryan ONeil

Feature Upgrade: Mayesh Flower Photo Library Integration

For months we've been working behind the scenes to build out one of the most ground-breaking features in the industry. You're now able to use Mayesh's incredible photo flower library directly while you're building out your arrangements. Simply search for the flower variation you'd like to add and, if it's not in your library, you may see the Mayesh emblem next to the variation indicating it's from Mayesh's library. Click on the item you'd like, and you'll be able to set your bunch count and your cost for the item. Once you've saved it, a small photo icon will appear next to the item in your recipe. You can click this icon to add the beautiful floral photo to give your clients inspiration. A HUGE thanks to Mayesh for finding one additional way to make floral designer's lives easier.

See the Mayesh library in action:



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