Introducing Curate

By Ryan ONeil

Curate is designed to help you run your studio with ease!

We've had so many florists who have loved our Startup plan level of Curate, which has helped them run their events with ease. Everything from creating custom, beautiful proposals in a jiffy, stem counting insanely quick from customized libraries, creating an easy-peasy shopping lists for their wholesalers, and having their team executive perfectly with recipe sheets. If you're currently a user, you are on the Startup plan and we have some really cool new features we'll be announcing in a few days.

Many of you have been needing more though. You're having to pay for other tools to help manage everything going on in your studio. We've heard the cry and we're excited to announce: Curate!

Curate is perfect for those who love the Startup plan but would like more tools to run their studio with.

Google calendar integration

You're able to connect up your Curate account to your company account to manage everything happening in your studio. Any time that you move an event to booked, it will be added to your calendar. You're able to easily select for payment reminders to be sent to your calendar as well.

Event tagging

Want more pipeline options? They're yours. Want to indicate which of your sales team is in charge of an event? Just add their names as tags. Want to be able to separate between corporate, weddings, and social events? Tags, tags, tags! This will make running your studio so much easier!

Branding Integration

Your brand is super important to your studio. With this upgrade, you're able to customize the colors from Curate Blue to whatever your brand is! The "Curate Blue" link text in the proposal, the "view proposal" button sent in your emails, all of the above! We have some more really cool ideas that we'll be releasing in the future as well for 

Orders Tab

This was our first studio feature released so you're probably familiar with this alert at the top of the screen. You're able to easily add all your shopping lists together and place orders with wholesalers. We're still working on a plan for this so have no fear that all of your orders will disappear. We'll keep you in the loop once we have more info!

Other Features

These are only the beginning of the Studio level! We have dozens of other features in the wings to build as we get to them. We'll be introducing a reports feature in the near future, which will make a huge difference on reporting. Be on the lookout for email templates, "print me money" feature, and client source report to keep up with which marketing is working the best! We're still looking at the logistics of the money printing feature.
Check out this walk-through of all these updates: 
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