Stem counting is about to get a lot easier...

By Ryan ONeil

After much effort and toil, through the stems and soil, Curate is officially entering into public beta!  Our vision is to help florists create accurate, on-the-spot proposals in less time than it takes to make a toss bouquet.

This means a couple things. First, our current user base of florists will be expanding dramatically during this period. New users will be allowed in by invite only for the time being. If you're new to Curate, keep an eye out for invite codes on social media and from other florist friends. Be sure to sign up below for our email list for you to get an alert once free registration is open.

If you're a current user, you'll have three invites to give away. You can find these invites in by going to your profile in your main menu. Gift these wisely!

Second, we want feedback! Any plant that is going to be beautiful needs pruning every so often. We want to make this software is the best it can be. We know that for every minute we trim off the proposal process, more florists will get to spend more time doing what they love in their art and with their families and make more money doing it. Please email us any feedback you have to or select the chat option in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Let's make being a florist about being a florist again!

-Ryan and Rachael

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