Catering Software: Reserve Interactive vs Curate

By Ryan ONeil

Software for Caterers: Reserve Interactive vs Curate


Reserve Interactive is a hospitality management software that offers options to manage catering, reservations, or guest rooms. Curate is an event curation software that specifically focuses on caterers and venues, streamlining their weddings and events and all the pieces involved.

Reserve Interactive is a well-known software and we want to help event professionals to identify the best software for their business and needs. To further help you, here are some other catering software comparisons: Gather

So what’s the difference between Reserve Interactive event management software and Curate event planning software? We're similar in that we are both cloud-based and have several features that are similar such as payment processing, form submission and proposal creation. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you’re choosing between Curate and Reserve Interactive, or planning to switch from one service to the other.

  1. Which software allows you to create events directly from a client submissions?

Both software allow you to create new events directly from a client submission. This is a great time saver that keeps users from having to manually enter information for each client.

Winner: Tie

  1. Which software allows clients to make payments electronically?

Both software allow clients to make payments electronically. Reserve Interactive also allows clients to set up recurring payments.

Winner: Reserve Interactive

  1. Which software allows you to add pictures to the proposal?

Both Curate and Reserve Interactive allow you to add pictures to the proposal. Curate also allows photos to be added directly from Pinterest. This is great for clients who have Pinterest boards full of ideas for their wedding or event. It also helps you, as the event professional, always have the client's inspirational photo digitally available.

Winner: Curate

  1. Which software allows you to manage reservations for things like tables or bowling alleys?

Reserve Interactive allows you to reserve specific tables or bowling alleys to ensure that you’re as prepared as you can be for a night. Curate’s focus is on streamlining events and has no table reservation functionality. Instead of focusing on reservations, Curate focuses on making sure event professionals have the option to manage their rental inventory.

Winner: Reserve Interactive


  1. Which software allows you to integrate your Google Calendar?

Both software allow you to integrate your Google Calendar. This is great for keeping up with events while you're on the go or sharing events with staff or other vendors.

Winner: Tie

  1. Which software allows you to integrate Quickbooks Online?

Only Curate allows you to integrate with Quickbooks Online software, allowing you to streamline your events efficiently.

Winner: Curate

  1. Which software has a referral program?

Only Curate has a referral program called Curate Shares. This program allows users to be rewarded for referring friends. New users will receive 20% off their first year as a Curator and you receive $100 after 30 days for each friend that you help become a Curator.

Winner: Curate


We hope this Q & A helps. As a side note, we personally focus on building Curate and are giving these differences based on the best information we have available from users who have elaborated the differences. If we can update anything on here to make it more accurate, please comment below!

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