Event Management Software: Gather vs Curate

By Ryan ONeil

Event Management Software: Gather vs Curate

Gather is a private event management software. Curate is a software platform with multiple products that provide the tools for event professionals to handle everything from proposals to strike. 

Gather is a well known software and we recommend event professionals to identify the best event planning software for their business and needs.

So what’s the difference between Gather Private Event Management software and Curate? We're similar in that we are both cloud based and have several features that are similar such as payment processing, Quickbooks integration, and proposal creation. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you’re choosing between Curate and Gather, or planning to switch from one service to the other.

  1. Which software allows you to manage your recipes and cost of goods sold?

Only Curate allows you to build costs and profit into items and track all of the granular pieces involved with invoice items. This is a big time saver for the administrative side, especially for those with very involved invoices. If you have no need to manage the back-of-house details like COGS and rentals, Gather is a great option.

Winner: Curate

  1. Which software has a referral program?

Only Curate has a referral program called Curate Shares. This program allows users to be rewarded for referring friends. New users will receive 20% off their first year as a Curator and you receive $100 cash after 30 days for each friend that you help become a Curator. Gather also has a referral program that rewards you with a $100 gift card.

Winner: Tie

  1.   Which software allows you access from anywhere?

Both software are web-based and allow you access from anywhere. Curate is functional on computers as well as mobile devices, like your smartphone or tablet. Gather is functional on computers and mobile phones. It also has a native mobile app that you can download if that is preferable to you.

Winner: Gather

  1.   Which software allows clients to sign documents and book digitally?

Both software allow clients to sign documents, make payments, and book digitally. This has really helped many event professionals, and not many event management software companies offer this. 

Winner: Tie

  1.  Which software allows you to combine multiple shopping lists?

Curate allows you to create shopping lists as well combine lists from several events to better streamline your entire process.

Winner: Curate

  1.  What industries does the software cater to?

Gather is a software designed for caterers and venues. Curate is designed to help caterers and venues, and has products available to manage rentals, COGS, and other areas that caterers and venues might need tools for.

Winner: Curate

  1.  Which software allows you to manage multiple businesses or locations?

Both software allow you to manage multiple businesses or locations. This is great for enterprise event companies to have everything in one system under one account to save time.

Winner: Tie

We hope this document helps. As a side note, we personally focus on building Curate and are giving these differences based on the best information we have available from users who have elaborated the differences. If we can update anything on here to make it more accurate, please comment below!

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