One Quick Tip To Maximize Your Instagram Inquiries

By Ryan ONeil

We did an informal survey of 250 event florists' instagram handles and found that approximately 95% of them were missing out on a HUGE opportunity to maximize their Instagram inquiries.

The issue? They were using their website as the link in their profile!

It sounds almost counterintuitive for your floral marketing efforts. You want to have your terrifically branded website address visible but sending people to your front page means that they have to click around to get to your inquiry form. Instead, your Instagram profile link should be able to give potential clients the opportunity to click into specific parts of your website. 

That's where Linktree comes in. With one link, you can point potential clients to a variety of content on your site, from your inquiry form to your full portfolio. This creates a very clean experience for your client as they enter your site, knowing what to expect, and maximizes the opportunity you have to gain a new inquiry from Instagram.

A final tip. As you consider which pages to include in your Linktree, be sure to that each link is written as a call-to-action, rather than a passive statement, just as you would on your website to increase conversions. For example, use "Schedule a Consultation" instead of "Contact us." 



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