Introducing Curate

By Ryan ONeil

Catering and Floral Software (Stemcounter and MeasuringSpoon) Join Forces to Create Robust Platform for Event Professionals

ST. LOUIS, May 10, 2018 -- The floral software company, formerly known as Stemcounter, and catering software company, formerly known as MeasuringSpoon, released the details of a rebrand and expansion project, which has taken the best-in-industry technology and made it accessible to event professionals who touch millions of rentals, ingredients, flowers, and lives each year. Curate, as the platform is now called, allows event professionals to design beautiful proposals that clients can view, sign, and pay for from a single screen. Caterers, florists, and rental companies can even build in their recipes to the proposals for the most accurate pricing, which allows them to generate profitability reports. Additionally, they can receive rental inventory notifications and avoid overbooking rental items.

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“Curate is a game changer in the events industry especially for rental companies, caterers, and florists. Traditionally, catering, floral, and rental management had to each be handled by different vertical-specific software. What makes this leap so important is that Curate is the first vertical-agnostic software that helps all types of event professionals. Now, full-service event companies with multiple departments can have everyone working together in the same software, rather than needing different software for each department. Additionally, corporate companies can have all of their franchisees share a set of proposal templates that include all options they offer, as well as standardized recipes, and a shared library of items that are used,” said Ryan O’Neil, Founder and CEO of Curate.

While many of the new features greatly benefit multi-location companies, Curate has maintained its initial dedication to helping small businesses manage their companies in the same way larger companies do with solutions that start as low as $40/month. Every solution the company offers now work together seamlessly to help event professionals handle everything from the initial inquiry, with forms that pull client information into the system, to strike, with pull sheets that make it much more difficult to forget a rental item at an event site.

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