Tips To Help Florists Book More Clients

By Ryan ONeil
As we head home from a whirlwind of a week at Wedding MBA, we absolutely can't wait to share what we've learned from our florists and share more ideas to help with your Florist Marketing. So here are the top two florist tips we learned at Wedding MBA that will help you book more clients on-the-spot. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we share some other things we've learned!

Use a Possibilities Section

This seems like an obvious thing to do, especially if you have a client who has a million and one ideas from Pinterest, but it's also great for clients who doesn't really know what they want. A possibilities section isn't just for giving alternative ideas, it's a fantastic opportunity to upsell a client. You can even use it as a way to encourage clients to book faster by telling them that you'll give them the upgrade at the same cost of their original choice if they book within 24 hours.

Avoid Asking Yes or No

Asking a potential client if they want to sign with you is giving you a 50% chance of losing them as a client. Hothouse Design in Alabama has an amazing way of asking this question without really giving the client a chance to say no. They have multiple lead designers with different floral styles so, instead of saying "Use us or not," they say "Which of our designers would you prefer to use?" This way, the client feels as though they're making the decision to say yes to the florist without ever really being offered the opportunity to say no. This dramatically increases the number of clients who book on-the-spot. 
Curate has a possibilities section built into the system to help you upsell your clients and is so easy to use that you can actually create proposals in the consultation, which allows your client to make a quick decision and even book on-the-spot.
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