3 Must-Have Clauses for Freelance Floral Designer Contracts

By Ryan ONeil

We've talked about the best places to find freelance floral designers, but what do you do once you've found one with whom you want to work? We heard a rumor that our friends at Roses and Mint had an absolutely stellar freelancer florist contract/guide so we reached out to take a gander for our shop and found that what they've created really is as amazing as we heard! So we've teamed up with them to give away their Freelance Florist Contract Guide as a template for other florists to use at their shops. There are three very important points to draw your attention to that make this so effective and you definitely want to keep as you make this your own.

Download A Freelance Florist Contract Template

Payment and Time Tracking

Outlining how much you're paying your freelance floral designers and how they're to keep track of their time is so important. And putting it up front as Roses and Mint allows you to get through the awkward part of the hiring process quickly. It's also a great opportunity to remind them of their responsibility to file taxes after they've been paid a certain amount.
We love this guide particularly because it puts the responsibility for tracking directly on the freelance floral designer and allows them to understand the financial nature of the relationship. It's an invoice from them to you, if they don't send the invoice, they don't get paid. It also says what time is allowed to be billed and what isn't so you don't wind up getting freelancer floral designers who want to bill from the time they left their home and arrived at the venue an hour away.

Property Rights

Even if a freelance floral designer is doing an amazing job, what they create is your responsibility and your intellectual property (remember, you're the one who put together the recipe and directed their work). While you may choose to allow them to use images of their specific arrangements for their portfolio, they should say they did this work as part of your floral shop and give you proper credit. 

Non-Compete Clause

Many freelance floral designers are entrepreneurs who are trying to gain experience so they can start their own shop from scratch. It's great that you're able to help them gain that experience but that doesn't mean that they can use your events and wedding shows as a way to boost their own business apart from you. They cannot be angling for new personal clients or the oppotunity to work with another shop while they are working for you.
What's your favorite part of Roses and Mint's Freelancer Floral Designer Guide? What other clauses would you add in a freelance floral designer contract? Leave us a comment below!
Ready to use Roses and Mint's Freelancer Floral Designer Guide to craft your own freelancer contract? Download it now.

Download A Freelance Florist Contract Template

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT lawyers and are not offering legal advice. This guide from Roses and Mints should be used as a template for your freelance floral designer contract, which should be reviewed by your legal team before you have anyone sign it.

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