Where To Find Floral Designers To Hire

By Rachael O'Neil

As Twisted Willow Design has grown, we've learned that we always should be looking for floral designers to hire for a weekend (and even looking for a full-time person now). The problem is...it's hard to find people who have a clue about flowers. Depending on the size of your market, here's a quick hack for finding an extra hand or two:


Search area florists on The Knot, Wedding Wire, or the other 100 sites that advertise vendors for weddings. Instead of looking at the trendiest florists who pop up first, go to the LAST page...the ones on the free plan who never kept up with photos or don't have a thriving business. Then work backwards. Collect names and phone numbers. Check out their website or Facebook page if they have one. Then make a phone call or two.

There are some GEMS hidden within these accounts. They may be retired from full-time work or may not want the burden of running their own business YET they have some experience working with flowers. You may only find that 1/4 of these would even fit with your floral shop or style. But the list is a lot better than the classifieds.

Want to know a great Curate hack to assign arrangements to your designers?

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What is Curate.co? It's a florist proposal creator that helps reduce administrative time. Our shop in St. Louis used it on administrative tasks instead of having to hire to immediately hire someone. Unfortunately, we haven't taught the computer to make a corsage yet. 

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