The Key To Successfully Implementing Your New Event Florist Software

By Ryan O'Neil

Every day, the Curate team is asked to share how to be a successful Curator. The secret is super simple. So simple, in fact, that it extends to any florist who is using an event florist software (whether it's an end-to-end solution like Curate, or another program).

Here it is. Drumroll please!

Create a real event in the software.

It's really that simple.

It's so tempting to want to get everything set up perfectly before you jump in. But we've found that the most successful companies immediately jump in with an event they want to get started on. So go into your event florist software with a singular goal of creating and completing and event. When you log in with a determination to complete that goal, you're able to really understand what you need to do and are helping to ensure you're successful from the first time you log in.

Once you've done that, do it again. And again. And again. Keep doing it with real events until you can walk a colleague through the process with your eyes closed.

Practice makes perfect. It's really as simple as that.

And if you get stuck on some of the details along the way, ask for help. Your event florist software should have a five-star customer success team that is available to you immediately (at least for the majority of the day; sleep is okay, occasionally) to help you get through any rough spots. Once you've asked your question(s) and know what to do, go back and keep practicing.

That way, by the time you get to your second training session (the best event florist softwares offer at least 4 sessions to get you up and running), you can and your training specialist can work through other features your software may offer -- including the ability to create multiple recipes on a single line item, merge multiple events into a single shopping list, split shopping lists between multiple suppliers, and create recipe sheets pull lists for your team to use the week of the event. 

When you intentionally spend time getting the basics of creating real events with all of your line items and digitally-responsive images to engage the client, you are guaranteed to succeed in implementing the software into your regular workflow. Even if you decide to implement an event florist software in the middle of your busy season, setting aside even 30 minutes per day to create a real event will do wonders for your business and help maximize your ROI on that software.


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