Caterease vs Curate Catering Software

By Ryan ONeil

Caterease vs Curate Catering Software

Caterease is an event planning and catering software similar to Curate that serves event professionals in running their events. Curate is a proposal software that specifically focuses on event professionals in running their weddings and events.

Caterease was the vanguard of catering and event planning software and we recommend event professionals research the best software for their businesses and needs. 

So what’s the difference between Caterease event planning and catering software and Curate event planning software? We're similar in our pricing and share several core features such as payment processing, rental tracking, and proposal creation. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you’re choosing between Curate and Caterease, or planning to switch from one service to the other.


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1. Can you manage your staff in the software?

Both software allow you to assign certain tasks or events to certain staff. Curate allows you to add color coded tags to events to dictate who is over certain events. Caterease has staff management tools within the software as well as interface with Nowsta online staffing software. Nowsta allows you to schedule, track, and pay employees in its system.

Winner: Caterease


2. Which event has training to educate users on how to use the catering software?

Curate offers a free on-boarding session after you sign up. In this on-boarding session you receive a one on one with a live consult, that walks you through the software and highlights features that would be most beneficial to your business. Even after the on-boarding session, Curate offers additional training for a fee. Caterease offers free recorded videos that walk you through how to use certain features, but if you want assistance from a live person there is an additional charge for that.

Winner: Curate


3. Which software allows clients to sign digitally?

Both software allow clients to sign proposals digitally. You can choose who the recipients are that receive a request for a signature and receive a notification once the documents sent are signed. In addition, Curate allows your clients to sign digitally right into the proposal.

Winner: Tie


4. Which catering software is easier to use?

Although Caterease is modeled after Microsoft Windows and reflects software that many are familiar with, it contains many tools and allows customization making it complex for caterers to use. With so many options and customizable details it would take a while to fully learn the software fully. Curate provides users with the perfect balance of simple and efficient software to get their job done, without needing extensive training.

Winner: Curate


5. Which one allows you to print proposals?

Curate allows you to save proposals as a PDF and print a copy outside of the software. Caterease allows you to print proposals inside the software without having to save anything.

Winner: Caterease


6. Which one lets you include pictures in the proposals?

Both software allow you to add pictures to the proposals. While Caterease allows you to add pictures, you may only do so by uploading from your computer files. Curate allows you to upload from your computer files as well. On top of that feature, you may also add photos from Pinterest. You can do this by dragging and dropping images directly from Pinterest right into your proposal.

Winner: Curate


7. Which one allows you to keep track of clients?

Both software allow you to keep track of new and old clients. If you have a returning client you can create a new event without having to re-enter their personal information.This is great, because it allows you to cut down on time spent entering client information.

Winner: Tie


8. Which software has a referral program?

Only Curate has a referral program called Curate Shares. This program allows users to be rewarded for referring friends. New users will receive 20% off their first year as a Curator and you receive $100 after 30 days for each friend that you help become a Curator.

Winner: Curate


We hope this Q & A helps. As a side note, we personally focus on building Curate and are giving these differences based on the best information we have available from users who have elaborated the differences. If we can update anything on here to make it more accurate, please comment below!

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