April 2024 Curate releases includes new UI and Quickbooks integration

By Jason McIntosh

Our developers have been working hard creating more than 50 feature updates to Curate in the last few months. We wanted to take the time to both show and explain various recent features released in April.

Create a Fixed Sidebar on Grand-Customer Proposal


We have made a quick fix to the customer proposal sidebar where they can access the main parts of a proposal with a sidebar that stay fixed to the right where they can immediately go from proposal to signing contracts without long scroll times.


Overhaul of the Curate User Interface


The Curate user interface has been completely overhauled for design consistency, fonts, and website elements. Same Curate features with a more streamlined look. Very excited for this release!


Quickbooks Integration


Curate has added in the ability to directly sync booked events into your Quickbooks account allowing direct views of balances and payments via the most used business accounting software.


Tax rates sort & search


Here we show the ability added that if you utilize multiple tax rates a way to sort and search that ability by clicking and typing in two different methods. Directly within the order as well as within the slide out method.


Enlarging Line Item Photos


This is a big request we had from customers where they wanted to see all photos within line items enlarge for multiple views. So we made it happen by clicking on the line item photo and providing and enlarge library of all photos to a line item.


Reducing Empty Space Within PDFs


In both the PDF prints and the workroom we had requests to remove empty space that was showing. Work was done to decide how to make it more efficient and show up better in both cases without the needless space that was there.


New form inquiry question additions and options


We provided a couple of new options for more clarifying questions regarding start time and end time of the event as well as address. These can now be added into your online inquiry form for potential clients needing your services.


Filter and Table Improvements


This feature allows you to utilize improved filters as well as keep sticky filters in both calendar filters and event list. This will allow you to save time when working with a lot of event data.


Search and Sort Categories Alphabetically

You now have the ability to see categories within alphabetical order and when filtering your categories can search by a specific name to filter down what exactly is needed.


Sample Proposal Updates

Fresh updates to sample data and proposals in both the floral and catering categories to help assist new users with examples that can be utilized in their own businesses. We also have sample contracts that are attached to these sample proposals.


Filtering of Archived Events & Items


Updating of default view that does not include archived items, however they can be shown by selecting through the filter if needed.


Categories pre-populated by industry & category settings


Categories are now initially pre-populated based on the industry selected when setting up your Curate instance. Also be sure to notices the changes in the Curate setting near the end of the video for how to add on categories for your own use.


Ability to delete products and ingredients


Ability to delete products & ingredients with ample warning based on whether or not it is connected to recipes or events currently in process.

That is the round up for April 2024. We are actively updated the software and look forward to providing some big milestones in the upcoming months. A free 7 day trial of Curate is available, no credit card needed.

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