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Sarah Campbell, of Intrigue Designs, is giving away the recipe for this gorgeous bouquet from Styled Shoots Across America.

Intrigue-Designs-and-Curate-RecipeYou have a new client, and she shows you the bouquet she'd like designed from her Pinterest board. How much do you charge? How many Buttercups should you include? So many companies, regardless of the size, struggle with this.


Sarah Campbell from Intrigue Designs and Curate teamed up to help with this dilemma.

Curate helps florists create perfectly profitable recipes. That's why Sarah uses Curate to create her recipes. 

Sarah doesn't usually provide FREE recipes, so this is your opportunity to see the recipe of this gorgeous bouquet in the Curate interface!

Fill out the form and you'll receive a link to download the recipe for this gorgeous design! 

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