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Curate helps you be more organized and less overwhelmed.

  • Fill in proposals automatically.  When a new inquiry comes in, you can turn their info into a proposal in a snap.

  • Make revisions instantly. Forget pulling out post-its, papers, and files, you can update proposals with a few clicks.

  • Done for you calculations. Whether you are trying to plan a wholesaler order or pricing out an event, put the info in once and we'll calculate it all for you.



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Curate will help you save over 75% of wasted administrative time
"We used to have to carry around all our folders for every single event and had to keep up with every small change by hand.
Now, it's all in one place and a revision can happen with just a click."

Rachel Bridgwood
Sweet Root Village // Simply Sweet Root

“In planning for 2 stores' holidays, events, or even everyday designs, I used to make a spreadsheet with the menus that took more than a day.
With Curate, I take just a couple of hours once I load my menus. Curate has been a great investment for our business.
We are now 76 years old and still finding ways to be more efficient with softwares like this.”
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Kenneth Denaburg
York Flowers

“This has been the best decision I have ever made for my business! The entire process from start to finish with my clients is now seamless. Curate has been a lifesaver!
I have booked more weddings than ever before and I still get to have a life!”

Stacey Hellman
Roots Flowers and Events


More efficient.
More profitable.
More free time.

Faster proposals lead to quicker commitments.

Increase on-the-spot bookings by up to 400% by cutting down on hours spent generating proposals and creating digital proposals during client consultations.

Less paperwork. More time to do what you love.

Create wholesale orders for an entire weekend of events in minutes. That leaves plenty of time to focus on clients, your family, or yourself.

Maximize your potential and your profits.

Accidental over-ordering is a thing of the past. On average, users see a 10% increase in profits due to minimized waste.

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Execute events effortlessly

Our products curate the entire process so you can increase bookings, control costs, monitor your inventory, and have complete visibility throughout your company.
Curate Proposals

Create digital forms that turn into beautiful proposals.

Curate COGS

Combine lists for more efficient counts and less waste.

Curate Rentals

Avoid overbooking by tracking your inventory.

Curate Corporate

Know what's going on at each of your locations.


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