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"We used to have to carry around all our folders for every single event and had to keep up with every small change by hand.

Now, it's all in one place and a revision can happen with just a click

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Rachel Bridgwood
Sweet Root Village // Simply Sweet Root


“In planning for 2 stores' holidays, events, or even everyday designs, I used to make a spreadsheet with the menus that took more than a day.

With Curate, I take just a couple of hours once I load my menus. Curate has been a great investment for our business.

We are now 76 years old and still finding ways to be more efficient with softwares like this.”


Kenneth Denaburg
York Flowers


“This has been the best decision I have ever made for my business! The entire process from start to finish with my clients is now seamless. Curate has been a lifesaver!

I have booked more weddings than ever before and I still get to have a life!”


Stacey Hellman
Roots Flowers and Events



Professional. Confident. Organized.

We remove the headaches, so you can do what you love!

Benefit 1
"When I saw how quick and easy it was- I was sold! The templates are set up for you, so I can get these out faster"
With customizable, fonts, beautiful vision boards, drag and drop Pinterest, and photos anywhere you need them - you can quickly create drop-dead gorgeous proposals that clients LOVE. Proposals that sell your vision, build trust, and are as unique as you are.
Benefit 2
"I would need to hire an employee to do what Curate does for me."
No more wrestling with revisions, client changes and calculations, or excel sheets. Curate updates calculations across all your documents, lists, and devices instantly. We remove the headaches, so you can feel confident, relaxed and spend more time doing what you love.
Benefit 3
"Curate helps me stick to the plan, charge what I need to, and stay organized. I love it."
Honestly, if you're still not sure if you're charging enough, we can help. We calculate EVERYTHING for you - labour, taxes, and markups, so you'll be paid what you're worth, every time. Our tools tell you if you're on budget, so you can quickly adjust your plan.

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We're here for you! Dedicated event pros will help you via live chat support, to give you the help you need, any time. We even create video training made just for you.

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Again and again Curators tell us their booking rates are higher with us! Plus they're able to provide better service, and stay on top of client interactions.

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You'll be blown away by how easy it is to use Curate with results that will make you more confident, efficient and profitable. Even if you're 'non-techy' or don't love computers, we've made it easy.

Consolidated and organized - in ONE place

From stunning proposals, recipes wholesale orders to receiving credit card payments - Curate manages it all. It's all on Curate, everyday.


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