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Dean Black
A Cut Above Catering

"Our image is really important to us. We want to stand out, and I need to show clients that we are different and how we can execute their vision."

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Michele Soderquist

Pinehurst Resort

“Curate maintains your preferred profit margin, so I do not have to worry about new hires underpricing a centerpiece or rental item while learning the system.”



Whitney Fredin

Whitney Fredin Catering and Events

"Curate has beautiful proposals that wow clients from the get-go. We've sped up the time we spent doing proposals by a thousand percent!"


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If you’re a caterer struggling to book more events, you’re not alone. Standing out in a crowded market is hard. And that’s just the “getting noticed” part!

From inquiries to recipes to dealing with vendors and communicating with your team, you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about designing a proposal that looks halfway decent.

That’s why we created Curate. It helps caterers just like you create beautiful proposals that differentiate them from their competition.

And the best part is that clients can sign and pay right from the proposal, so the booking process is fast and easy, giving you time to spend on other areas of your business (or maybe even taking a break once in a while).

Create beautiful proposals that sell instantly — no design skills required!all in one dashboard (1)

You own a catering business, not a design company. Curate puts everything you need right at your fingertips so you can build proposal that sell and make it delightfully easy for clients to say “yes.”

With Curate, you can choose from professionally-designed prebuilt themes and easily customize your proposals to match your brand. Add in some images to really capture your clients’ attention and you’ve got a proposal that won’t take no for an answer.


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You've tried it all — Caterease, Total Party Planner, Word docs, spreadsheets, and more. Now it's time for Curate.


You’ve been through a lot of tools. And yet, here you are, checking us out.


Simply put, because those other tools just don’t work. What they won’t tell you is that they are the problem, not you.

They’re outdated, hard to use, and (we’ll say it) their proposals are… not great.

That’s why so many caterers have turned to Curate, a modern, easy-to-use tool that makes creating proposals and booking more catering events a whole lot easier.

Curate helps you:

  • Create stunning proposals that sell instantly
  • Build timesaving documents to communicate with your team and vendors
  • See all your important details in a single dashboard
  • Increase profits through accurate quotes, quick changes, and easy ordering

All without fiddling with layout, hiring a designer, or presenting potential clients with a proposal that’s less than alluring. Plus, the streamlined proposal and booking process means less friction for your clients.


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