It's hard to keep up with the demands of being a wedding and event pro. You're always getting new inquiries, but you don't have enough time to make proposals because the existing tools are outdated, hard to use, and (let’s be honest) just plain ugly.


Enter Curate.

Our Customers Love Us

rachel bridgwood circle

Rachel Bridgwood
Sweet Root Village

"We used to have to carry around all our folders for every single event and had to keep up with every small change by hand... Now, it's all in one place and a revision can happen with just a click."

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Sarah Campbell

Intrigue Designs // Intrigue Teaches

“Being organized is vital to financial success in the event industry. Curate provides all the tools to make sure I remain profitable.”



Whitney Fredin

Whitney Fredin Catering and Events

"Curate has beautiful proposals that wow clients from the get-go. We've sped up the time we spent doing proposals by a thousand percent!"


Curate is an easy-to-use software for wedding and event pros who want to spend more time creating beautiful events and less time designing proposals.


all in one dashboard

With Curate, you can easily add all the details to accurately price out your event in an all-in-one digital proposal that allows your client to easily see your vision for their event. From vision boards to detailed line items, it’s all there. Plus, clients can sign and pay from the proposal, so you get from inquiry to booked a whole lot faster.



You've tried it all - Canva, Powerpoint, maybe even dropping hundreds on Adobe InDesign or a graphic designer. Now it's time for Curate


Drop the outdated, difficult-to-use tools and build the business you've always dreamed of with Curate.

Curate helps you:

  • Create stunning proposals that sell instantly
  • Build timesaving documents to communicate with your team and vendors
  • See all your important details in a single dashboard
  • Increase profits through accurate quotes, and quick changes

All without spending countless hours fussing with a layout, manually calculating prices, and drowning in credit card numbers written down on sticky notes.



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