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Catering proposals are ugly. We fix that.

  • Consistency. Make sure that each proposal created reflects your brand well.
  • Growth. Increase your bookings with interactive proposals clients will love.
  • Time to focus. Create proposals up to 90% faster than your current processes.

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Curate's new theme, Excellence, is making it easier than ever to deliver the proposal experience clients expect and deserve.

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"It's very easy to use. It is 100% multi-device friendly, from phone & tablet to PC. The proposal system is stellar. The staff is amazing and helpful whenever I need them via chat or phone. I couldn't have picked a better product to work with."

Mark Bidinger
Catering By Katherine

"Curate offers a huge facelift to the traditional event management software in key areas such as design, functionality, integrations, administration, reporting, and tracking. Curate is extremely user friendly and the technical support is very accomodating, prompt, and personal."


Chef Amy von Eiff
A Cut Above Catering

"Curate has beautiful proposals that wow clients from the get-go. We've sped up the time we spent doing proposals by a thousand percent!"


Whitney Fredin
Whitney Fredin Catering and Events


More efficient.
More profitable.
More free time.

Faster proposals lead to quicker commitments.

Cut down on hours spent generating proposals and create digital proposals during client consultations. Users have reported increasing their on-the-spot bookings by 400%.

Less paperwork. More time to do what you love.

When tasks are automated, more time can be spent on your business and your passions outside of it. Users have decreased time spent creating wholesale orders from hours to minutes.

Maximize your potential and your profits.

An organized shopping list makes over-ordering a thing of the past. Combine lists for more efficient counts and less waste. On average, users see a 10% increase in revenue due to minimized waste.

Curate the simple way, beginning to end

Forget paperwork, get back to business, and give your customers an interactive experience with gorgeous proposals that ultimately boost your margins.

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Execute events effortlessly

Our products curate the entire process so you can increase bookings, control costs, monitor your inventory, and have complete visibility throughout your company.
Curate Proposals

Create digital forms that turn into beautiful, interactive proposals.

Curate COGS

Create menus that will make your back of house operations as happy as your clients.

Curate Rentals

Avoid overbooking by tracking your inventory.

Curate Corporate

Know what's going on at each of your locations.

Curate Catering Software is perfect for full-service caterers


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Interactive proposals

Clients expect an immersive proposal experience that wows them and makes them feel that you captured their vision.

Curate's inspiration board allows clients to fully interact with your inspiration images and experience your menu before ever tasting your food.


Easy sign and pay options

No more tracking down clients for a contract signature or payment. Curate's payment and contract sections allow your clients to easily pay for the event and sign the contract on a single screen.

Tricia Woodman, of Corky's BBQ and Simply Delicious Caterings, was thrilled when, less than half a day after sending her first Curate Proposal, she had a notification that the client had paid in full. Even better, the payment processing fee is as low as 2.4%!

Saved products

Saved menu items

Building out custom menus that completely align your front and back of house operations is easier than ever with saved products that your sales team can drop into the proposal with a few clicks.

Even better, you can fully integrate Curate Proposals with Curate COGS so the back of house can easily place supplier orders for a whole week of events.

Rentals overbooked

Rental tracking

With so many events happening over a given week, keeping track of all the available rentals can be difficult. 

Curate's inventory tracking feature allows you to check items out over multiple days (to account for multi-day events, delayed customer returns, or cleaning times), and gives you a notice if you've overbooked an item for a given day so you can order more or make adjustments to the event.


Perfect visibility into sales

Curate's Reporting tab allows you to quickly see a high level report of event revenue, taxes owed, payments made and due, and sales team efficiency. 

Have multiple locations? You can also receive easy reporting that offers insights into the profitability of each operation.


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