Striving For Excellence

By Cristina Barragan

Excellence in my business means delivering quality work and an elevated client experience from the get-go. Nearly eight years ago, this became the priority in my business. No matter how many events I took on or how much revenue I earned, the experience I delivered was always top of mind.

When I first started my business, my focus was mainly on getting experience and being as busy as possible. I took on every and anything that came my way for the sake of learning and building my portfolio. At first, this was exciting and I had the adrenaline to keep this up for years as my business started to gain momentum and grow. 

The problem is that I learned much too late that I wasn’t making any money. It was truly frustrating and disappointing to say the least. Ultimately, I started to lack joy and resented my business.

It led to my major burn out and at that very moment, I knew something had to change. 

The day I decided to hone in on my business plan and started focusing on what really mattered, is the day I began to cultivate the idea of excellence in my business model and practices. I tailored each process and implemented systems to account for each detail.

My main focus became client experience, and I knew it had to be a flawless process from start to finish.

This, of course, took months to develop, fine-tune, and perfect along the way. Today, excellence is all about putting our clients needs first and making sure that we deliver an elevated client experience that allows our clients to feel secure and loved so that they can refer us without hesitation. 

Since implementing systems, processes, and a well thought-out client experience in my business, I have been able to attract quality clients with larger budgets that allow me to create our signature designs that included luxury designs with bountiful florals. Our clients continue to come to us for their floral needs and also refer us countless times to their friends and family as well.

On top of that, my business is operating seamlessly so that I can focus more on creating and less on running the backend procedures that suck up so much time.

Being efficient in my business has also allowed me to be productive and sustainable in growth over the past few years. 

My biggest advice for any aspiring business owner is to start systemizing your business right away so that you can delegate and focus on what you do best.

If you try to do it all for the sake of “saving money”, you will continue to remain stuck. When your business has systems and processes in place, you save time and effort in things that you find repetitive or tedious. Invest in getting your processes in place so that you can focus on other things that will bring bigger impact. That can include things in business and your personal life. When you are able to achieve separation and balance of each, you become more productive as a result. This will lead to more wins in your business as well as true fulfillment in everything you do.

Additionally, prioritize creating a client experience in your process so that you can start attracting more of the right clients and work you will enjoy in the long run.

When done right, your clients will be raving about you to their friends and family for many years to come.

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