The Best Answer to the Real Flowers vs Silk Flowers Question

By Ryan ONeil

My wife is a genius.

Thought I'd share one of her tricks with you all.

When we were first starting up with Twisted Willow, a lot of our brides with more intimate budgets came to us while deciding between silk and real flowers. It's a question that has haunted brides for years as they aim to bring their vision for their big day to life while staying within the budget they've set.

So whenever people would bring it up, Rachael would simply say:

"Look through your Pinterest board and the flowers you love in photographs. If they're silks, you need to stick with those. But if you love how real flowers look, remember that's how your wedding photos will look forever."

As you and I know, silks can actually cost more than having a professional florist do it. But we can get so focused on discussing the numbers that we forget there are easier ways to help clients see. This trick helps the bride take her eyes off of the price differential and any external pressures to focus on the vision she has for her wedding. By putting the question back on the bride, you can help her better define what she really wants for her wedding and have the perfect day she's imagined.


Real or silk doesn't change the effort you have to put into a wedding. Curate can help make your life a whole lot easier. Schedule a consultation to see how Curate can help your business blossom.

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