4 Benefits Of Using A Florist Software During A Consultation

By Ryan ONeil


We've given you tips for using Curate during a consultation, but why bother using a florist software at all? Some argue that using a florist software in a consultation makes a client feel awkward and that it's much better to have a pencil and paper to take handwritten notes up front and move them to a proposal later.

Here's the truth of the matter: you are the floral professional.

A client is coming to you trusting that you'll do your very best to make their big day as wonderful as possible. If you set the stage by saying "I'm going to be taking notes on my computer and creating a proposal for you as we go along," they will trust your process and be completely okay with the set up. Plus, they will be more than impressed by the fact that they can walk out of your consultation with a detailed proposal in hand!

Beyond the benefit of having a client leave an initial consultation with a complete proposal, here are four incredible benefits

The Client Sees Your Process

So often we hear the horror stories of very needy clients who demand the attention of florists in the wee hours of the morning wanting to know if the exotic flowers will be delivered in time or if they will need to make a substitution. It's not necessarily that these types of clients don't trust you with the details of their big day, but the whole process of planning a wedding is so knew to them that they simply don't know what all goes into it. While some people are okay with delgating tasks to others (including their vendors), others need updates about what's going on because they don't really know what the process is on your end.

When you use a florist software, like Curate, you can show the client exactly what you are doing to create their floral arrangements and even give them a preview of what you'll be doing when it's time to order the flowers and execute the event. If they have a full understanding of the process from start-to-finish and what it really takes to make their caviar dreams a reality, they are much less likely to be contacting you at all hours of the day (or night) to check in on things.

The Client's Budget is Directly Addressed

Speaking of caviar dreams, you know that one Pinterest bride that has a dozen inspiration boards with the grandest decor and floral arrangements but a total wedding budget of $5,000 (with an unknown amount of that for flowers)? Using floral software, like Curate, allows you to address their unrealistic expectations up front in a very gentle way and help you show them alternatives that would still look beautiful while fitting their budget. 

You Could Save 75% of Administrative Time

Although some may enjoy the process of taking the handwritten notes and turning it into a beautiful proposal, the time taken in doing so is significant and quickly adds up when you have multiple consultations throughout a week. By using floral software in a consultation, you get to cut down on the time you spend creating a detailed proposal and doing stem counts later.  Plus, editing a proposal is significantly less time consuming when you have something solid to work off.

You Could Leave a Consultation With a Proposal Signed

Brides love Curate too! When you use floral software in a consultation, your client can not only leave your meeting with a proposal in hand, but you could leave with a signed proposal and a fully paid retainer! Curate gives you the ability to enter your contract details into your proposal, have a client sign it, and make payments from the same screen! 
Even if you don't leave with a signed proposal, clients respond much quicker and more positively to proposals when they are received during the consultation. As one new user reported recently:
I have sent 2 proposals on Curate so far and both booked within 24 hours so I am very impressed!

Final Things to Remember

  1. Before you decide to use a floral software, like Curate, in a consultation, ensure that the information you have in the software is up-to-date. There's nothing like having to explain why you changed your old 3x mark to 5x in a consultation, causing a big increase in the overall price. So before you try to impress a potential client with your ability to produce a proposal on-the-spot, make sure you've done the right prep work.
  2. It's best to have your computer situation so the bride isn't constantly looking at your screen. That can save you in the case you missed updating that mark up during your prep time! It's even better if you have two team members where one is leading and talking concepts and the other is doing the actual stem entry (or price override if you don't stem count for your initial proposal).
  3. Remember that floral software, like Curate, are web-based programs. Whether you're doing a consultation in your office or a coffee shop, you need to make sure your internet connection is good so you don't lose any of your work!


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