The Difference Between a Fantasy and a Dream

By Sarah Campbell
Do you know the difference between a fantasy and a dream?
As a little girl my brothers (Brad and Josh) often teased me about "living in a fantasy world."
Actually, they still tease me.
Being the youngest,  the only girl and a "girly girl" for sure. I had plenty of time to myself. While the boys were off fishing, building tree houses and designing "frankenbikes" (it's a real thing I have pictures), I would wonder the property picking flowers, creating pretty spaces in the shade of the overgrown treeline and dreamt up new worlds full of fantastic creatures with elaborate backstories. These childhood fantasies were training me to be a lifelong dreamer. They were training me to create something out of nothing.
You see, as I got older there was a point that I wanted to bring these childhood fantasies to life. I wanted to live a magical life.
As I became an adult, I adjusted my idea of what a magical life was. I no longer dreamed of being a mermaid or flying across the sky with my sparkly Pegasus. As an adult, my dream of a magical life was filled with beautiful ball gowns, flowers popping up in unexpected places, friends that would burst into song at any given opportunity, waking up to birds chirping, smiling for absolutely no reason and occasionally fighting off a villain or two with my super powers of a positive attitude and rosey cheeks.
Yes, indeed, I am a dreamer.
These dreams are my real life and they were never fantasies. There is a distinct difference between a dream and a fantasy.
Fantasies are (according to the dictionary) "the activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable."
The difference is all in the hustle.
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No matter what you do you can not turn a fantasy into a reality. You can most certainly turn a dream into a reality with focus and a whole lot of hustle. You see dreams (again, according to the dictionary) are "aspirations, ambition or ideals." These dreams are chosen by you and worked towards by you. 
It is okay that others do not understand your dreams. If they think you live in a fantasy world, that is only because they they think you are fantasizing when indeed you are dreaming. The ability to bring your dreams to life is a skill that everyone has access to and, like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. 
With each dream that becomes reality, your skill becomes stronger and your ability to dream bigger is enhanced. So, my encouragement to you today is to stop fantasizing and start dreaming!
So, again I ask. Do you know the difference between a fantasy and a dream?

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