Ularas vs Curate Florist Software Review

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Ularas is a florist proposal software similar to Curate that serves professional florists in running their weddings and events. They were the vanguard of florist softwares and we recommend florists to try out each florist proposal software before they settle. 

So what’s the difference between Ularas floral design software and Curate floral software? We have several features that are similar such as payment processing, digital signatures, stem counting, and proposal creation. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you’re choosing between Curate and Ularas, or planning to switch from one service to the other. 

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    1. Direct-Edit Technology
      With Curate, you are able to directly edit items on the actual proposal that you send with the ability to see the final document as you work. Everything auto-saves as you move along.
    2. Price Considerations
      If software price is your overall main concern, Ularus is a cost-effective option to create proposals with. 

    3. Responsive Proposals
      With Curate, you're able to send proposals that optimize to your client's device: whether they are on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, they'll have a proposal that looks like it belongs there. Ularus and Curate both have the ability to generate the proposal as a PDF.

    4. Target Price Notification
      Ularas allows florists to enter their total estimated budget and sends a notification when they have hit that budget. Curate does allow users to instantly see updates to their total proposal cost and has a private notes section where a goal budget could be written.

    5. Multiple Recipes on a Single Proposal Item
      In Curate, you're able to add multiple recipes to a single proposal item for something like a headtable with multiple arrangements. This is a professional florist feature unique to all florist softwares.

    6. Photos on Proposals
      In Curate, you're able to add up to 8 photos on each proposal item to your PDF and online proposals. Because it's responsive, users can see full sized photos with a single click. Ularas does allow photos on their proporsals.
    7. Markup Functionality
      Ularas and Curate have very different markup processes. Ularas allows you to build your wholesale and final price onto each flower and hardgood. Curate uses a proprietary system where florists add their wholesale costs and each flower is marked up based on the default markup that the user has chosen. There is also multiple markup functionality in Curate that allows you to change your markups based on events and / or arrangements.

    8. Reports
      Ularas and Curate provide reports for things like sales tax. Curate has Quickbooks integration.Ularus and Stemcounter florist software both have digital contracts.
    9. Digital Contracts
      Ularas and Curate both allow digital signatures. Ularas provides the ability for clients to email pdf contracts and go through a multi-step process to digitally sign. Curate.co allows clients to sign after a single click. Interested in a free wedding florist contract template? See below for a gift from us at Curate!

We hope this document helps. As a side note, we personally focus on building Curate and so are giving these differences based on the best information we have available from users who have elaborated the differences. If we can update anything on here, please comment below! 

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