Florist Review of Curate (formerly Stemcounter)

By Ryan ONeil



It's easy to blush when florists review Curate. We thought the best way to show it is in their own words. 


Katie with Thran's Flowers in Lake Tahoe

Thrans florist review

We do over 250 weddings a year. I was using a spreadsheet through EXCEL to give my clients a proposal. My proposals used to take hours per proposal which would put me behind by weeks or even months. I needed a program to help streamline my workload. I found Curate and I'm in LOVE. A few favorite things about Curate - it's web based and I can access ALL my orders from anywhere. Also, with a hit of a button, my flower order is generated in a second. No flowers or supplies will ever be missed again. When I send a proposal out to my client, I get nothing but great reviews on the style and format. It's above and beyond any other proposals within my area. I have a feeling we will be turning a HUGE profit in 2017. Thank you!


Gayla at Tiger Lily in Charleston, SC

Great tool! I've tried several different florist software, and found that Curate fit all our needs the best! With the ease of navigation throughout the program, it allows us to customize every aspect that we need. Whether it's a proposal form you are looking for or recipe sheets with a shopping list, it will improve your productivity greatly! Win, Win!! Customer service rep has always been super responsive and open to suggestions to improve your experience.


Tiger Lily Florist review of Stemcounter


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Atalanta with Camellia Wedding Flowers in San Diego

Curate is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, for so many years! I have been a wedding florist for 13 years and I believe we are an under-served community. Not anymore! Ryan and the folks at Curate have finally delivered a product, literally made to fit all our needs as a wedding floral professional. I love the ease and features of Curate, but most of all, I love the customer service! I have had many questions about how to best use this software and Ryan and his crew always get back tome right away, and most of the time within a few minutes of my query! You can tell they truly care about making the best, most helpful product out there for florists. I am so happy to have a great product like this!!

 5 star florist review

Rachel with Sweet Root Villiage in Alexandria, VA

We are just LOVING Curate. We are a weddings and events floral company (no daily deliveries) and we hand write our proposal and make meticulous spreadsheets to order our flowers which can get pretty complicated when ordering for five events in one weekend. Curate is more or less going to change our lives. I think we have had daily freak outs about new features we are discovering and realizing will be insane game changers. Honestly. It's taking the tedious out of proposal writing and the rest of our designers are actually sounding excited to write proposals for clients (what!). So many amazing ways that this program will change how we do things in all the best ways and save us so much time and money. We are all extremely happy that we jumped in on this and that it exists at all.

It is absolutely going to be revolutionary for us and the floral industry in general and we can't thank Ryan and the Curate team enough for all the hard work that has been put into this. We hadn't even got to a point where we had used all the features in real life scenarios (like preparing a flower order or printing recipe sheets) and we were already singing their praises to fellow designers. Hah!! We 100% recommend giving Curate a try. It's easy to learn and use and will be insanely beneficial to your business.


Jody with An Affair To Remember in St. Louis




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Curate is a software platform for florists, caterers, rental companies, and other event professionals, with multiple products that provide proposal, costing, streamlining, automation, and other tools for event professionals to handle everything from proposals to strike. Curate offers three different products that work seamlessly together: Curate Proposals, Curate COGS, and Curate Rentals.

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