Save Your Friends Hundreds and Earn $100 in Amazon Gift Cards

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If you haven't heard of the Curate Shares program, have we got something to share with you! Curate Shares is our referral program that offers serious perks to both our users and their friends and colleagues. We're sure you have a lot of questions, so let us provide you with the FAQs!

What Are the Benefits?

When you share Curate with friends and colleagues, they will save 20% on their first year's subscription. That can be some serious savings! To show our appreciation to you, we'll email you a $100 Amazon gift card after they've been subscribed for 30 days.

How Do I Make Sure My Friend's Purchase Is Associated to Me?

When you log into your account, navigate to the "Profile" tab in the left side navigation and then the "Curate Shares" tab in the "Profile" navigation at the top of the screen. There you will find your custom link that can be shared with your network. You can also let your friends and colleagues to make sure to mention they were referred by you when they are completing their demo with one of our experts.

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When Will I Receive My Reward?

After your friend or colleague signs up with Curate and completes their first 30 days within the platform, we will email you a $100 Amazon gift card to spend at your leisure!

Is there a limit on how many rewards I can earn?

No, there is not! Regardless if you know 1, 10, or 100 who could benefit from Curate, you'll continue to earn $100 Amazon gift cards for every person you refer that signs up for Curate. 

How should I share the program with my friends?

Feel free to use your link to share on social media, within texts messages, emails, any way you prefer. You can also share during a conversation, but make sure your friends tell their Curate expert during their demo consultation so you get the credit and they get the savings!

If you're ready to save your friends and colleagues hundreds of dollars and earn hundreds for yourself, get started by sharing your Curate Shares link today! 

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