May 1st Livestream talks new Curate platform and functionalities

By Jason McIntosh

We're excited to kickoff our new livestream series discussing the work that we've done at Curate over the past year and doing a quick overview of some of the new functionality that is available. This video hosted by CEO Ryan O'Neil and Head of Growth Jason McIntosh give you a front seat to the future of Curate.

Discussed in this episode

  • History of Curate overview
  • Past year of work rebuilding the system
  • Four event pro business needs when selecting software.
  • Walkthrough of standard Curate functionality.
  • Examples of new Curate functionality.
  • Announcement of affiliate program.

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Full Transcript Below

 All right, Ryan. So so here we are live stream start today. And it's a beautiful day here in Indianapolis. How you doing today, Ryan?  

Doing great. It's beautiful 

in St. Louis. I think it's finally, finally warming up. We get spurts of cold on top and cold on top which makes great tornado weather, but nonetheless  Yeah,  

well, we got a lot of talk to talk about today and just as quick introductions He is ryan o'neill founder and ceo of curate  And I am Jason McIntosh newly crowned head of growth here at Curate.

And I'm, I'm really excited to be here and be a part of you know, just everything that's going on. It's a really exciting time for curate. We're doing a lot of great things on the development side as well as forging into new markets. And so we're just here to talk about that, talk a little bit about the history get some content out there.

And so you know, I'll hand it off to you, Ryan.  

Yeah, I'm excited about this. We've got some exciting announcements and we wanted to show have a big reveal of of our platform. And so this is a perfect format for it. But first we want to kind of start with the history of Curate and what led to what we're going to be announcing.

My wife and I, we were event pros, we did event design, started in St. Louis, Missouri and we built our company up from scratch and saw some phenomenal opportunities just to make an impact on people's weddings and special events through the work that we did. The problem was we, we hated The work we had to do to do the work that we loved.

We had, I still remember there was a kitchen table moment that we'd had all of these files and papers everywhere and a cell sheet that looked like Dr. Frankenstein had created it. Huge headache. And we said, there's got to be a better way. And so we went and built it and we just figured out the way to be able to build it.

We, I built the first version of curate on a WordPress thing, and it's literally been nearly 10 years ago, which explains why I'm missing all the hair that I started, but but it's been it's been an incredible process. We started. Building for the event design space. We had so many event designers in the forest who said, Hey, I hate Excel.

You can go anything that could just make it simpler and more streamlined. So we started there. We saw so much success. We became the industry leader. And then we had many in the event design industry that were working for a caterer. And so we had a lot of these caterers who started coming in and saying, Hey, we really need what you're doing.

No, one's innovating in the catering industry. And it was actually, we said, well, what kind of functionality do you need? And the things they were asking for were the things that our current customers were already asking for. So it seemed like a perfect fit. And over the course of time, and this is what I'm so excited about today.

To announce is that we realized that to take the platform to the next level, we needed to go go to the next step beyond kind of this first version of the application that was built around, you know, right? You're truly I'm just an event pro who got stuff done, but it didn't work to scale. And so we had a lot of requests, a lot of things that customers were wanting.

And we said, hey, we need to rebuild the platform. So what we're gonna be showing off today is a complete rebuild of the platform. There are companies that go 34 years and never rebuild their software because they kind of built it and they can squeeze a little bit more money out of it. I curate.

That's that's not how we think. We've got a team who's passionate about our customers and we know that there were things that needed to solve. But I built the first version of the application. And truth be told, we could only really have one, maybe two developers coding at one time to avoid breaking things.

That's not their fault, it's mine. But we had two choices. We said, hey, we can make minor improvements and keep trying to sell this thing. Or we could rebuild the platform entirely and really build it from the ground up in a way that can meet a lot of the needs and requests that customers are having to make their businesses better and to help their businesses grow faster.

And so we knew it was going to be a multi-year process. And I've personally talked with too many people in this industry and care about their businesses for us to have said, well, let's just kind of sweep a little bit more money out of it. We really care about this industry in this space. So we said, Hey, let's do it.

Let's invest the money to rebuild this platform. And as with most things, it has taken longer than we initially estimated. We, we were dedicated to making sure that we built the things right to our customers. And quite frankly, we missed the, we missed the mark on our first go at rebuilding this thing, right?

And we had to iterate, we had to learn that as, as honest as I can say it, many of these people, many of you who are watching this, you're a business owner we just, we, we were making hires and we were trying to figure out how do we get people bought in and understanding the core problems that you who's watching this are facing.

So we've had eight years of learnings and we had to do it in less than two years to rebuild it. So but we've seen our team get behind the vision and we also wanted to deliver a product that could improve for customers. Who weren't, we're needing a scalable solution as well as smaller customers who might not need as scalable solution.

So that said, I'm excited about it.

Yeah. So just, just talk to me a little, like, how did you come to that decision? I know there's, you know,  people are comfortable with, with how the original. Curate works and talk, talk a little bit about just  when you've been talking to customers and, and their needs, let's say with the existing platforms, you know, how did that, you know, it all kind of builds up after time of just the problems and the pain points, but, but can you talk, you know, specifically about just a couple of items that you tend to see over and over with talking people in the industry of just about like what they need and what their biggest pain points are. 

Absolutely. We're seeing things like for example, the  I'm gonna call it the infrastructure or the way that we built our classic platform worked really well for a very specific use case. Let's say on contracts, right? We've got one contract that needs to be signed one time and never has revisions.

That worked great until 2020, right? That everybody had revisions and everybody had changes. And there were nuances that we never had to face before. 2020 that this new market this new era is having to face And so the concept of having multiple contracts or having a contract that stays signed when stuff changes in the proposal, right?

Those are things that we begin to hear from people that are our classic platform in the way that it built was built Wasn't being flexible in a way that could make it especially with kind of this new phase of events in this new era of events as people are thinking through How do we move faster? We heard, we hear four key things from, from customers.

Number one. They say, Hey, we need to say, I'm spending way too much time doing this thing. I need a quicker system that's going to automate and make things move. Another thing that we hear from people is we need more profitability. Now that might mean I need bigger weddings. I need to be able to sell bigger weddings.

It might mean, Hey, I want to be more cost-efficient on the investment that I'm making into things. But one way or the other, I need to make sure that my company is making the profitability that we're working so hard for. Another big thing is alignment. We hear so many people that they're growing from a solopreneur to now they have one, two, three employees.

People heard growing from five employees to 10 employees. And there's these handoffs that have to start happening. And they're, and they're really tough to do without a system and a central source of truth. And so people will say, Hey, we need a central source of truth to align them. And the last big thing is just giving people confidence.

You know, I I tell the story so many people there They are working on this proposal and they're wanting to send it out, but they don't want to send it out But they know they told the person they're going to send it out by you know Thursday night and they finally they submit it and they send it to them and they just don't feel good about the way it looks About the way that their company is presented and just when they're about to fall asleep and they finally get out of their mind They wake up and they realize, Oh, shoot, what if they've signed with me?

Am I actually going to make money off of this thing? And so like that confidence and not being happy, able to have confidence and just goes on their day-to-day journey as a business owner was a really important thing.  

Yeah,  that's awesome. Thanks for touching on that.  

Yeah, absolutely. So if you're open to it I think we can kind of jump, jump into looking at the platform.

Yeah, let's do it.  

Awesome. Cool. So what y'all are about to see is the I'm going to share my screen here. Y'all are about to see we call it a C2 or curing two or just curing if you're, if you're looking for it, but all new customers come into this on this platform.  And first off, I'm going to kick off, though, with a with our mission.

This has been a big piece of a big piece of our focus that I mentioned. Hey, getting our team on the same page about what we're doing. Curate, we're here to empower people to easily connect. All of the pieces of their small business and that's everything from proposals to production to profitability They need to connect all those pieces and that's what we're excited about  So what i'm going to do is i'm going to jump into first Kind of a high level overview of our system.

And it's going to be in our new system Just for those who are new maybe you've never seen or heard of a period before And then i'm going to jump into some nuances that I know You know, he's got hundreds of thousands of people who use carry every single day You That are gonna be super excited about.

As Curate, we, we help with the proposals, the production, the profitability. So you can see this is one of the proposals in Curate. We have the ability for customers to see photos, color palettes. Have details about the event, you can be able to see, you know, if you want a link, you can be able to put links in here you've got the ability to have inspiration boards you can be able to have items in here, you can click on photos to make them larger or to see them, it's all mobile friendly, so, you know, you know, if you want to create a PDF out of this, I'd like to say you can do that for those who love their their content, I get internal documents with a lot of people, they love to have the proposal PDFs, You totally can do that.

But probably the most powerful thing is that we give you a portal link. And this customized link is something that customers can keep going back to every single time, even if it's 18 months from now. And they always get the most up to date proposal.  You've got the ability to have a lot of pieces and components to this.

One thing that I, I  found that a lot of people love is our possibility section. You have the ability to add possibilities. To upsell clients on something to give them a deeper and more rich experience at your event you've got the ability to have payments down here where clients can literally pay directly from the proposal It's 20 20 for y'all but I promise like it's amazing how many people still don't have a Fluid easy process for the customer and you've got the ability even had your contracts here for customers to be able to have  On the inside, you've got the ability to have your order.

Now again, this isn't a new user interface, so I'm gonna I'm gonna kind of break it down a little bit more in kind of the next section, but you've got the ability to have your order here where you can see I've got this in the summer party. I've got my order and here are the components of my order.

You know, I've got a section here. Menu or called you know personals or whatever you want to call that you can call it. And this has a click out button where you can be able to see the components that are involved in this particular item. So in this case, I have actually two recipes. I've got a recipe here.

I've got a recipe here. I can be able to have items that are rentals and equipments. So if I'm like, Hey, yeah, let's do, you know, a hundred, no, let's do, let's do, I think maybe five will do it for us here. No, let's do a hundred. That's a hundred and yeah, there we go. I, I have an alert that pops up and says, Hey, just a heads up this year.

You're overbooked on this. One of the things I think so many of our customers for many years who've loved our overbooked feature will be excited about. Is this actually stays up here. The alert stays up here, giving you an alert, creating a quick and easy place for you to see anything in your event that's overbooked.

So that's an important thing, but you have the ability to say, Hey, what if I have equipment, you know, that may, that I need to make sure I'm bringing, but it's not really tied to the quantity of the line item. You can actually unlink that and be able to have, say, for instance, escaping this. You know, we only need one of these for the entire event.

We've got the ability as well to take inquiries. Customers can literally fill out this information. It goes directly into the platform and makes it so much simpler and streamlined. You've got the ability to have all of your events in a really modern and easy to use experience. And even things like having your calendar in here and being able to see what items are on your calendar and have customizable texts in terms of that calendar.

So there's a lot to it. But we're excited about being able to make this impact and this is what we do.  That said, I, there, we get to the fun part. So a lot of our, a lot of customers who are probably on the call right now are maybe your current customers or curate you or have heard a lot about this platform.

We've been building it for two years. It's been really, really important for us. That we listen to feedback, and I literally just two nights ago was looking at kind of a list of all the feedback we've ever gotten on curing, and I'm excited to share a few things that  have been made possible because of the rebuild. 

So one of the things that will hop into first, I'll hear from a lot of people. They're saying, Hey,  I don't like having to go into each event every single time and having to print, hop back out, go select the new event and print. One of the things people will be really excited about is you have the ability now to select multiple events  and go and create event prints for all four of these events from the same spot.

You don't have to go in and out but more importantly than that, let's actually jump into one of those prints. You have the ability to customize these prints to how you would like them. So right now, in Curate Classic, many people would, they would, they would go in, they would create, they would print their print overview.

Then they would have to hop out of that, they would have to go into another file to print maybe their rest of the sheet. We have compacted all of that printing experience into a streamlined, Flow so you now have a print right here. I can see right here. Here's my kelsey and drew wedding. I've got this brown bouquet I've got the components that are making up those ingredients that are making up that brown bouquet but i'm going to come in here and i'm going to maybe I don't want my the price on there for whatever reason, you know the team who's delivering this They don't really need that price on there  I'm going to remove that price and it immediately removes that price Super seamless, you've got the ability to make sure you're getting all the details into there.

And it's really streamlined.  The coolest part though, is you can actually save this print type. So you can now, and we have heard so many customers who've asked for this. They're like, Oh, I wish I could just save my settings of my recipe sheet or of my shopping. I manipulate stuff. I just want to save those settings so they don't have to redo this every single time.

That's available now. You can be able to have a different, you know, a different number of these print types and save prints. And this can happen across four, ten events. If you're doing two events on a weekend, it's a big weekend for you, and you just want to kind of print all the documents you need, it's one printing experience. 

We just released, just two days ago, this other thing I want to show as well, which is this ability for you to be able to have your ingredient totals built into one experience. And that can be filterable. So if you're saying, Hey, I just want my flowers or just want my hard goods. A big thing I've heard from a lot of our customers.

I was just at flowers for green, one of our customers in Chicago, incredible company. And I was chatting with their warehouse people and they said, wow, what we'd really love is just to be able to have one print that includes both hard goods. And rental and equipment items and that's now possible as of two days ago.

It's been super exciting We've we did the math on it We've literally done just this year alone over 50 feature releases in the new platform And this is this is one of the more exciting about  another one that we have a lot of people who slip over Is we have a new color picker tool where you can now pull in a photo You still have the great same great drag and drop from pinterest and grab Exactly the right shade of green that you need and that will pop you in directly there You It makes it so simple, so straightforward to make sure that you're getting a color palette that reflects the experience that your, that, that your customers are hoping, and it sets the tone for kind of the direction of the proposal.

So it's a very, very powerful tool that we know a lot of customers are excited about.  To the point of 2020 and some of the complexities and nuances of 2020.  We heard it loud and clear customers. We've given us feedback, you know, 2020, everybody was hunkered down. Finally, 2022 came around and like we had so many events that are coming in.

And that's when we started implementing some of these pieces, but you now have the ability to have multiple contracts built into the same portal. So let's say that you have a rental contract or a wet, a floral contract. One of our customers is a barbecue company and they said, Hey, how we want to use this.

Is we want to have a core contract, but we also want to have a delivery confirmation contract, and all of their drivers go out with iPads, and they just have the customer literally sign on the contract directly from there. And so what they've done is they've found a really nuanced, powerful way to incorporate this. 

Huge impact for a lot of customers. Customers have been begging for this, and customers will love this. If a contract is signed, That contract stays signed throughout the course of the event. So now it has the ability to keep that signature, retain that signature. It is truly a contract by itself, but it stays signed.

If you'd like a new contract, great, you can do that. And let me show you how. And this is what one of our customers who just migrated the other day just flipped out about to. She was so excited. You can actually go straight to a contact, a contract library of all of the different contracts that you have, right?

So if you want to keep all your old contracts, you can do it. If you want to add a new one, you can do that. If there's a contract that you have for a gala versus a contract that you have for a wedding, you have that ability to pull these in ad hoc without having to build it as a part of a larger template. 

Super powerful. We've seen some great, great feedback from customers who have already migrated. And we're in the midst of doing that.  Something else that's really fun here is you have the ability to be able to put in here an actual amount for the event value. Now this is, this is a token. So familiar, many of you who are familiar with token, the personalization tokens.

If you want to say, The value of this event is or the contracted amount  of this is this will automatically generate that event value directly to this contract, which is again a big request like estimates have had  a couple of the things I want to show you are in the order experience here. Now we have created a more streamlined experience.

My wife and I, a few years ago, we were doing a an event at the Carvel room in St. Louis, huge wedding, and I went through and I counted.  Just one of the pieces we did this really large installation. I just counted just in that pieces I said how many people have touched this how many times have we touched these things throughout the flow of this event?

And literally on that one installation there were a hundred thousand touches a hundred thousand times and we grab chop move separated  Tied together that we touch it So there's a lot of nuances to how these pieces move throughout an organization and for the people that execute these events So this system is built in a way that makes it streamlined for that.

So  for us, you've got the ability in here to have things like multiple recipes. Let's say that you've got on this head table, I've got a big bottle arrangement. But you also got a lowly flowy arrangement, right? I've got that ability to have two separate recipes for that, which is a really, really powerful, really, really powerful tool for customers to have kind of a more nuanced item that they, a way that they want to approach that.

You've got the ability to have rentals in here. I showed a little bit of that off earlier. But you can be able to, if you accidentally overbook this, You know, if you put 30 right here, it's going to do that little pop up, make sure that it lets you know Hey, we've got too many of these books because this is multiplying this one of this gold compound  Multiplying it by four and then that's also yeah So it's it's running that math up the chain to make sure that you're getting the right amount built into there one thing as well one more thing before kind of a bigger announcement that I want to announce is you have the ability to actually even put photos on sections now, so you could be able to have kind of like a mini inspiration board on every single section that the customer have.

So I know this has been a lot y'all there's so much more baked into here. As I said, in the past three and a half months. Four months we have been able to deliver over 50 new features into the platform and we're keeping going With some future things so i'm excited jason What are your thoughts like, before we get into the bigger announcement?

Just want to take a step back and see if there's anything on that.  Yeah, so one one thing I just wanted to ask, Do you mind putting your camera back on just for a second? Oh, yeah, for sure  One thing that I just wanted to ask was a little bit about the  state of the development team, let's say because, and, you know, I'm new, but, you know, coming on, it just seems like our development team right now is very streamlined and everybody in the curate team is really rallying behind these new markets that we're going into. 

This, this speaks a lot to kind of going back and excuse the term, but reinventing the wheel, but reinventing the program is that our ability is to be flexible in the markets that we're going after are  incredible and to speak on this a little bit more. It just seems like we're able to, to adjust off the cuff a lot of times no matter what market it is, you know, we're, we're, we're known for our, our florists and, and floral event customers for the last,  we're actually going into catering.

And so, you know, like talking about that multiple recipe thing is, is a, a huge win for, for caterers that are on our system as well. But you know, we even had that discussion this morning about just nomenclature and  can you talk a little bit about the current markets for, for curate and kind of the, the goals for the future as to you know, bringing in even more markets. 

Yeah, yeah, well, our heartbeat, you know, we come out of the event space. My wife and I started it just again. It's small business that was doing event design. And as we started to grow, we saw a huge impact and huge ability to be able to help a lot more. Customers who maybe fit our profile of design or even more fluid types of design companies.

We, and then as we, as we did that starting in 2019, 2020,  which is a great year to do this 2020. But we started moving into that question of like, hey, how do we start helping caterers and making an impact in the catering industry? Who, I've been to so many of their warehouses and their warehouses look a lot like, You know, on my wife and I's warehouse.

It's got a lot of a lot of decor and design components to it. So what we realized is that it was the same problems that were being faced by these small businesses. They were the same exact problem. It's, it, you know, and I say that with a, you know, tongue in cheek. There's nuances to every industry, every specific, but when you get down to how to build a software, To solve those, you can choose to build really, really specific niche problems, but that always gets you into trouble, even with the same customers you're trying to help.

And so what we found is that a lot of customers, both floral and catering have been burned by customizable software software that's like, Oh yeah, you can come in and work. Our team will go and customize it for you. We'll configure it for you and it works great. And it sounds great for about six months until you get to this point where.

The thing that they fix for you and they better for you start breaking with an update that is trying to happen on the platform. So for us, a big, big focus and our heartbeat has been to say, hey, how do we build instead of customizable software? How do we build configurable software where people can configure it in the way that matches their business?

So you know, we see we see other types of companies like venues that are, are showing a lot of interest in this. And, and our focus is really asking these questions around Hey, what are these common problems that are facing? And it was the coolest, it's the coolest story, Jason, because like, I still remember one of our florists referred a caterer to join our software.

They joined, they did phenomenal. Just blew it up. The great, great caterer, very well known in the industry. About six months later, that caterer sent an email to one of our team members. This, Hey, I want to introduce you to my floral friend. They need a software. And it was this full circle moment where it's like the place we started at.

We found this opportunity to help more people. And those people are going back and helping the same core group of people that, that we've been so excited to help. So it's kind of cool to see those full circle moments of people referring us and sharing it and, and the features that we're building.

Thanks. Are the same things that people have been asking and I I know we got our big announcement here in a second Y'all will see you'll see that what I mean by this But it's the same thing that a lot of people have been asking for for so many years.  

Yeah, and  Again, you know, I can't stress enough the investment that goes into recreating the the system like you said, but  a lot of times These, these customers that we are, are helping out are on older software and, you know, older software as time goes on, things start to break, you know, when you, when you try to do a new way of doing things rather than, than the old way.

And, you know, even in the data structure and the, and the architecture of their applications you have to put that investment back in. And so we've seen some cases of people coming over to us that, that, you know, they're doing some functionalities and things are breaking now and, and they have to do some workarounds in the old software to get their stuff working.

And so the ability that we've had to just kind of, um, what, what's the word that we always talk about? You know just  Piece by piece in our software. Oh, yeah, so that we don't have to go back and and what's what's the word? I'm, not even thinking of it. Yeah modular like we build modularization.

Yeah, and so That's been a huge step forward in in what we're doing so you can go ahead and reshare and talk about the yeah the other functionality 

Yeah, and while I'm doing that, I want to make the comment to what you said, there was a, one of the, you know, a software that many of the largest event companies in the U.

S. were using last year that got ransomware, and they actually, they didn't have access to their events for two or three days, because it was a very old tool, and it had, I'm sure it's been dependable for many years, but That's the thing that we want to make sure that we're consistently asking the question of like, Are we building tools that are up to par for what's expected?

And that said, I've heard for so many years that  This concept. So many people have asked. They said, Hey, if only, you know, curate and some other tool could have a baby. That's the framing that I always think is just have a baby because we need everything that we have in curate, but we also need the ability to communicate better with our customers and to maintain that communication and keep up with that communication.

So I wanted to announce here for the very first time something that's going to be launching in the next month and a half which is our communication portal and we're so excited about this because so many customers have asked. It's the number one requested feature and really like this is this feature that I'm about to show.

This is one of the core reasons why we felt the need to say, Hey, we have to build, rebuild the platform to be able to make way for having enough developers on our team to build things like this. So this is a mock up of our proposal experience. And so you can see right here, we have a new comments tab, similar what you everyone just saw.

But I'm gonna pop over there that comments tab. Let's look at some of the comments that are in this particular proposal. So we can see that there is a communication flow that's beginning to happen here across both of these different People who are leaving comments on this. The first phase of this that we're releasing is going to be able to allow people to have comments left on this so that they can be able to make sure that they're aligned with their customer and they can communicate things.

Maybe that it doesn't fit for being communicated inside the proposal, but you want it to be alongside of it. This brings all of that communication into a single flow. And with our first launch of this, We're going to launch with,  as we're, as we're releasing this piece by piece, it's going to have the ability for customers to literally email back and that email that they sent back goes directly into the platform.

And it also gets emailed to you. So you have that ability to kind of cover both those bases. You have your own email system. If you would like to manage that and maintain that, that's been a big thing we've heard from so many people. They're like, I don't want to log into somewhere else to go look at my emails.

I just want to look at my emails. But it also empowers your team. I was just chatting with a  pro the other day who was saying, Hey, if somebody got with COVID, right? Or if somebody is sick or or they take a job in another company, you don't want to lose all of that valuable, important information about this customer's event.

Now this is put into a central spot. Every one of our plans comes with a sales pro user attached to it, which means that you, you get this ability to engage and interact with customers. And so it's, it'll be available for every, every account that has an account with us. And if you have more salespeople that are needing to have this interaction, you'll be able to have you able to get.

Sales seats for them as well. And that will actually come with this ability to own this. But even if you're just a user of the platform, if you're not on the sales team, you still got access to see this and to understand the context. If that's what you have, how you'd like to set it up. So it's very, very powerful.

It's a it's going to be a really, really streamlined and powerful way to make sure you're communicating with your customers and truth be told, it's the number one requested feature of our customers. So we're going to release it. And then we want feedback. If you're already on our new platform, we'd love to have you give us feedback on it.

If you're going to be migrating soon, whenever you get migrated over, we'd love to get feedback on this feature and ways we can improve it. So we're excited about that. I know this maybe for internally. I think maybe we're more excited about the next announcement, Jason, you're gonna have. But this is a big thing that I know that our customers have been really asking for.

Yeah, for sure. And 

You know,  curate already does a really great job of saving our customers time. And so I can only see that amping up more and more as we continue to release these game changing features you know, for curate and for the customers that we support. So so Ryan talked about it a little bit just talking about how overwhelmingly we have a positive attitude from our customers about our,  about our software.

And so one of the things that we're going to do  to you know, provide some incentives to do that from our customers is something that we're calling the curate affiliate program. So pretty big program announcement that we're doing and, and we're just starting this out. So we're going to work out the kinks as it kind of goes along over the next couple of weeks.

But if you are a curate user, even if you're not a curate user, but maybe you're in the, in the industries that we support we're going to be. Creating an affiliate program. And so what that means for our customers is the ability to go to a a link and sign up to be an affiliate. If you're familiar with how an affiliate program works basically you are referring our software to customers for them to come and sign up to use Curate.

And as a part of that, you will receive an affiliate ID and you will have some pre made links in your profile. Once you sign up to be an affiliate. And basically, you're going to earn a percentage of the subscription fee that those that you refer pay for. So, if you think about it and you look at, at Curate's pricing, you know, you're going to get a few hundred dollars per sale, depending on the type of subscription that your referrals pay for.

Just to, we have both annual and monthly subscriptions with, with Curate. And if they're going to do an annual subscription, they're going to get 35 percent back one time on that annual subscription. So I believe our like our lowest tier is something like 1250 or something like that right now.

So, you know, that's, you're looking at 300, 400 just in one sale, just providing a link to someone. So, you know,  don't just think of it like it's a direct link, like you can create  Link it, add it to your YouTube videos. You can add it, you know, literally anywhere that people are on the internet, Facebook 

forums, everybody's talking on Facebook forums, right?

Everywhere.  And then for monthly subscriptions, you'll get 35 percent for the first month and then 10%. Affiliate referral ongoing, which is you know, could add up after a while. It could, it could make it your own side hustle, your own side salary if you want to. So we're really excited about that.

And to do that affiliate signup, you can go to this link here. It's tinyurl. com slash curate now. and sign up for the Curate Affiliate Program. It will provide you an email to, to sign up and you can see your information in that profile. So we're super excited. There'll be a lot more information coming on the website and through socials, et cetera, but we're real excited about this program.

We think it will not only benefit those that, that currently, currently enjoy our software, but a, And just an incentive again for referring other customers to our platform  

Kudos to jason as well for for putting this together. I was I was questioning. I was like man That's a huge kind of like kickoff amount that we're doing so it's a I think he he's convinced me to do it as a as a kickoff amount as because it's a it's a really really big referral amount but for us and this is I Jason and I joke about this but You know, we'd rather, we'd rather be paying our, our community and putting it, investing the money back into our, our people, if you will, rather than putting it into some paid search tool that isn't, isn't a really a part of our community.

So we're excited about this and that's why we're coming out of the gate so strong with it. 

All right, Ryan. Well, good, good first show. We're going to try to do this on a somewhat regular basis. Not so much talking about curate as though that will be a part of every show. But, you know, we're going to be talking about the industry problems, pain points, Things that we're seeing with our customers, and hopefully providing value back to you as, as to watching this and hopefully things that you can apply to your business.

So Ryan, thanks so much for going through all the functionality, putting the work in for this and putting the investment back into curate. I just think this is gonna be huge for those that come on board, subscribe and. Save time money and effort when it comes to working with their own customers and clients.

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