Navigating Floral Supply Chain Woes

The Perfect Recipe for Efficiency

By Ryan O'Neil

If you're a florist, you're no stranger to the delicate dance of creating the perfect floral recipe. You meticulously select each bloom, its color, and place in the arrangement. You envision how it'll all come together and - voila - it’s pure magic. But, there's a hitch you didn’t count on: your wholesaler is out of that key flower you had designed everything around.

Sound familiar? If you nodded, then you, my friend, have felt the pain of the post-COVID floral supply chain issues.

The aftermath of COVID-19 brought unprecedented disruptions to the floral industry. Wholesalers experienced stock shortages, delays, and, sometimes, entire seasons missed. The once predictable availability of flowers became a game of chance. This left many florists scrambling, revising their floral recipes at the last minute, trying to maintain the vision they initially created for their clients.

Now, think about it...

What if there was a way to swap out those missing flowers across your entire event or set of events with a simple click? A way to replace the ingredient without the need to sift through each individual recipe, saving you hours of tedious adjustments. Imagine your shopping lists, recipe sheets, and event designs all automatically updated with the new flower, and you only had to change it in one place.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Here's the thing - it's not a dream. We've turned it into a reality. We understand that your time is valuable, and your creative process is essential. So, we are excited to introduce our new feature that will revolutionize your design process.

Introducing Curate's Flower Swap Feature

The Perfect Recipe for Efficiency

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new feature designed to revolutionize your design process - Curate's Floral Swap Feature!

Designed with you in mind, this feature allows you to swap out any ingredient across your entire event or a set of events with just one action. We're talking about a whole new level of flexibility and efficiency that saves you valuable time.

Here's How It Works...

When you learn that a flower in your recipes is out of stock, simply go into our new feature, select the flower you want to replace, and choose a substitute. With one click, the change cascades across your entire event or set of events, and all your documentation gets updated automatically. No more manual updates, no more sifting through individual recipes.

Why We Made It...

Our team saw firsthand the challenges you face with wholesaler ordering. We realized we needed to create a solution that would make adaptation quick and easy for you. With this new feature, we're giving you more control, better efficiency, and most importantly, saving you precious time.

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Final Thoughts

While navigating the floral supply chain can still be a roller coaster ride, at least now, you've got a powerful, time-saving tool in your toolkit. So, the next time your wholesaler is out of a certain bloom, remember: it's not a problem, just an opportunity to use Curate's new Floral Swap Feature.

Ready to turn those floral challenges into a walk in the garden? Give our new feature a try and let's continue to create beautiful events together!

Happy designing!


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