Get Your Customers to Spend More with Email Marketing Done Right [an Interview with epicShops]

By Ryan ONeil

Many of us know email marketing can be one of the most effective means for reaching our customers, but what does it mean to send emails the right way? Or the wrong way? We reached out to to our friends at epicFlowers, who know a lot about email marketing, to find out how it could help wedding and event florists.

What is the major problem florists face with email marketing?

For years, the approach of building massive newsletter lists and then sending periodic company news has yielded limited results. Why? The information hasn’t been personal. No two customers are alike, and sending blanket emails to all your contacts is going to inevitably result in your message falling on some deaf ears.

What can florists do to ensure that their email marketing efforts aren’t being wasted?

Florists need to send relevant, personalized emails to their customers based on their behaviors and interactions with their business in order to generate more sales. How can they do this? Email marketing services, such as epicFlowers, use the available technology to create campaigns that convert to sales for their company. The magic happens through automation, personalization and targeting.

Automations ensure you don’t have to spend time and effort thinking about the best times to reach your customers. You set the perimeters, and the technology works for you.

Personalization shows your customers you know who they are, what they like, and what else you think they’ll enjoy.

Targeting guarantees your emails are more engaging, since they convey relevant messages to your consumer. Targeting can be based on actions such as what they buy, how often they purchase, or how much they spend.

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What are some specific examples of targeted email campaigns that florists can use to increase sales and improve their customer lifetime value?

Example #1: You have connections with a handful of local wedding planners who partner with your shop every year during wedding season. You tag these partners as wedding planners in your email marketing platform, and then set an annual, automated reminder to go out this this specific group each spring. You can thank them for last season’s business and give them some ideas and inspiration for what’s to come in the new year!

Example #2: A mother-daughter duo has purchased boutonnieres and corsages for the wedding party. Based on the category or items they purchased, you can create an automated email saying ‘Thank you for your order,’ include an order summary, and then also suggest wedding centerpieces that would go tremendous with their bridal party flowers.

The possibilities are truly endless when you create segmentations that reach your customers with relevant and engaging emails that relate directly to their relationship with your business.  The goal is to send your customers emails they actually want to read.

What are some other popular and effective email campaigns types that florists can use?

  • Order Followups – to ask for feedback or upsell a related product
  • Inactive Customer – for reaching those who haven’t purchased from your store in a while
  • Abandon Carts – reminding those who have left items in their cart that they can still purchase!
  • Rewards Program – based on either amount spent or number of orders

Within these emails, you can spice up the design to match your brand, recommend actual products from your website, and customize the layout with links to your best-selling goods, services or categories.

How can epicFlowers help florists with their email marketing efforts?

Florists can join the future of email marketing, and give their shop an edge by using a technique very few (except the “big guys” like Amazon and Pinterest) are using. With epicFlowers, they don’t have to worry about the best dates and times to send their emails. Once their campaigns are built, they can simply set it and forget it. Their emails will be delivered automatically based on the perimeters of your campaign.

No more mass emails with low conversion rates – just targeted, automated emails that get results.

Florists can contact epicShops to get in touch with one of our epicFlowers email marketing professionals, and learn more about how smarter emails can work for their store. Together, we can create an email strategy that takes less time, delivers more money, and gets better results than ever before.


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