The Curate Marketplace Presents: Sweet Root Village

By Ryan O'Neil
Sweet Root Village started in 2010 as an event floral design studio in Northern Virginia. "We've grown consistently in our love of flowers as well as our love of small business. Organization and logistics are huge focus points for our  team and we love sharing our methods and our workflow with our fellow designers! One of our favorites things about the floral industry right now is the growing friendly nature that is emerging, the open minds and sharing hearts and teamwork that we are seeing in our market as well as across the country and beyond. The tides are changing and we are happily along for the ride!"

Spring White Blossom Bridal Bouquet Recipe from Sweet Root Village now on The Curate Marketplace

Sweet Root Village has a detailed recipe for a Gathered Bouquet Design made of white Spring blooms and foliage on The Curate Marketplace. This bouquet was designed as a hand-tied with no extra mechanics other than some thick waterproof oasis tape to secure the stems before wrapping in ribbon. SRV used rose vases of water to hold bouquets as well transporting and delivering them this way to the client! 

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